How To Save Your Marriage And Lead Happy Marriage Life

It is alright if you want to know how to save your marriage. At least you admit that there are problems in your relationship and you are willing to do something to improve the situation. This is a good start to avoid the grasp of divorce and have destroyed many marriages.

Communication is essential

Learning how to save your marriage needs the contribution from both partners. The effort of one partner will usually end up in vain. Communication between you and your spouse is essential when you want to save your marriage. Keep open minded so misunderstanding will not arise and unexpressed feeling can be relieved through the communication.

Getting advice or counseling can be an effective way to improve communication between couples. However, this approach should also be supported by both partners. Counseling session can help both partners to see each other from a different point of view. The counselor will point up important facts that both of you have missed all these years. If you both are willing to do this, then it is a good sign and it is likely that you will find a way to save your marriage.

Once again, communication is the key in every relationship. It is important for each partner to be able to express his or herself. On the other hand, communication is always two ways, which means each partner needs to listen to his or her partner feeling as well. Effective communication is the key if you are wondering how to save your marriage.

Forgive and accept

This is perhaps the most difficult thing that couples have to do when they want to save their marriages. Once again, if you are willing to save your marriage, then you need to give things a chance. Find the problems and investigate the reasons that cause your marriage to break apart. Normally there are many reasons that can cause separation. Some of them are stupid, while some are really serious. Find the real problems and start working together to solve them.

In most cases, forgive and accept are the things that each of you have to do to save your marriage. Many people feel bitter and betrayed which makes them unable to forgive the traitor. You need to see your commitment and responsibility toward your marriage and give it another chance.

Therefore, if you want to know how to save your marriage, it is very essential to bring your spouse to the effort as well. If the desire is only one sided, it is difficult to achieve the desired outcome.

Stella Maris Academy 2010 Alumni Homecoming

This coming December 30, 2010 is the 2010 Alumni Homecoming of my beloved school Stella Maris Academy in my hometown Philippines. Since I had graduated last 1994 batch this is the 3rd time we are joining the Alumni homecoming and this is my first time not to attend the event as I’m a thousand miles away from my country. I feel sad and I will miss the fun of that day. I know how it feels because it’s really a great time for everyone it’s like a reunion of batch mates or schoolmates but a family thing as every generations of the family graduated on same school. It’s very popular now on facebook, as I can read and see the post of my classmate and other batches how exciting it would be, suggesting what design and color of the T-shirt to wear. Like me some of our classmate can’t be there too because they are working overseas.

I’ll share some of the photos I’ve keep last December 2005 Alumni with my batch mates, we had a blue shirt color with emotion characters printed on the back and the front has a writing how we love our Alma matter SMA.

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The Footpath Tree

I'm not good at naming trees or flowers, it's not that I don't like them but sometimes they are unusual or unfamiliar to me.  I only knew most of the flowers from the country where I came from, joining in this meme of flowers makes me familiar with a few names by visiting some of the bloggers entry photos.

This is a footpath tree from neighbor side just 3 houses distance from ours.

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Pumpkin Face

You Should Carve a Classic Pumpkin Face

You are calm, collected, and together. You are good at following rules and instructions.

You tend to celebrate Halloween in the same way every year. You have a routine down that you like.

You look forward to your favorite decorations, candy, and costumes. You might even carve the same pumpkin face each year.

You love the Halloween classics like little kids in costumes, spooky movies, and candy corn. Why mess with a good thing?

Electronic Music

You Are Electronic Music


You are energetic and expressive. You love feeling alive.

You never get sick of your favorite things - they're what makes life special.

You don't take tradition or conventions too seriously. You live for the future.

You enjoy remixes and re-interpretations of things. Life is about making improvements.

Differents Kinds of Shaved Ham and Etc.

Yesterday was my first day to start on my Permanent part-time job on deli department.  I was familiar with this kind of department to me as it's a bit the same as what I did on my first job.  But I still need to learn and familiarize most of the product sothat it's easy for me to identify when customer ask what they want.  I need to familiarize different kinds of shaved ham, salad, olives, sausages, cheese and other product.  It's alright when the customer points the order they want it's handy to me, but sometimes when they talk I can't really understand because of the Australian accent.  It's just same happen when I start on my new job, I know when I memorize most of the product it would be heaps easy for me.  My manager said I'm doing good on my first day and it's a great compliment to receive from a superior.  It's nice working on a group of people, more lively, more interaction and you can experience different personality and behavior. I'm glad I was feel so welcome and they were so nice to me.

Les Miserables In Concert 2010 (25th Anniversary)

MIL plan and invite us to watch a musical play movie, she booked a ticket for four of us a week ago. Yesterday evening PIL, my hubby and I went to a movie theater to watch an old play titled Les' Mesirables that was originated last 1985. This 2010 year was their 25th anniversary and it was portrayed by new generation group of actors and singers.   I've heard it was almost 3 hours movie concert, I thought I'd be sleeping while the show is going thinking it would be boring to me, beside I had a whole day time at work so I'm still tired but to keep MIL happy, hubby and I still accompany the PIL that night.

The movie had started, I was amazed with the introduction there are beautiful voices, talented actors especially when I saw our very own gorgeous, talented and lovely voice who is one of the main character on the play, she was Lea Salonga a popular singer of Philippine Industry.  I was really enjoying and proud watching her as the main cast of the play. She sing the song that makes Susan Boyles shine on Britain's Got talent "I Dream A Dream" something like that. That's fantastic show with a great story of a French novel about the The Wretched, The Poor Ones and the Victims what a terrific impersonation of the character.  I really love it, it's my first time to watch a musical play movie that was played long long time ago.  While watching didn't notice the time it's almost finish and 3 hours is very quick if your enjoy and love watching that kind of play especially on the last bit the original character of 1985 performed as well how brilliant are the voices even they are old now. It's a big event, a big show, with a big performance, a big crowd of audienc. Just amazing.

Is A Lack Of Love Causing You To Get Sick?

One day, a man came to a priest and said, “Father, please help me. My wife is poisoning me.”
“What? How can you be sure?” the priest asked.
“I’m very sure!”

The priest was very concerned. He said, “Let me talk to your wife. I’ll see what I can find out—and I’ll let you know.”

The next day, the man came to the priest again.

“What happened, Father?”
“I called your wife. I talked to her for three solid hours! Do you want my advice?”
“What’s your advice, Father?”
“Drink the poison.”

Why People Are Sick
Do you know why so many people are sick?
Because their relationships are poisoning them.
So many people are starving for love.
But all they get is poison.

Today, I’m going to make a bold claim: I can predict the state of your health 30 years from now. How? By asking you a simple question: How’s your relationship with your parents?

Let me tell you where I got this…

The Effect Of Our Parents’ Love

From 1956 to 1991, Harvard asked 126 healthy men to rate their relationship with their parents, whether it was…

a. Very Close
b. Warm and Friendly
c. Tolerant
d. Strained and Cold

(Go right ahead and choose two answers, one describing your relationship with your Mom and the other with your Dad.)
These researchers went back to these men 35 years later.

Among the men who said they had “very close, warm, and friendly” relationships with both their parents, 47% had major illnesses. But 53% of them were healthy.

You might say, “Well Bo, what’s so surprising about that? Isn’t that normal—half are healthy and half are sick?”

Yes, that’s normal.
But the next answers aren’t.
After 35 years…

§ Among the men who said only their mother was warm and close, and their father wasn’t, 82% were sick; 18% were healthy.

§ Among the men who said only their father was warm, and their mother wasn’t, 91% of them were sick; Only 9% were healthy.

§ Here’s the worst. Among the men who rated both their father and mother low in warmth and closeness, 100% of them were sick. None of them were healthy!

By sick, I mean major diseases like heart disease, ulcers, hypertension, even alcoholism.
I have good news for you: You don’t have to follow these statistics. Because God has another plan for your life.
He wants you to be vibrant and healthy and strong.
If you follow what God is telling you to do today, you’ll experience health and healing in your body.

But first, let me explain why we get sick when we lack love.
Sickness Is Separation
God designed our bodies for love.

The Bible says, It is not good for the man to be alone (Genesis 1:18).

Think of fish. Pull it out of water and it dies. Because its body was made for water. In the same way, our bodies were made to swim in love. Pull us out of love and we die. Our bodies get sick, become weak, and perish.

Whenever we move towards separation, conflict, isolation, and loneliness, we get sick.

Stress is really separation.
Worry is separation.
Fear is separation.
Sadness is separation.

We’re afraid because we feel alone.
We’re sad because we feel no one is there for us.
Anger and unforgiveness is also separation.

Here’s my belief: Any movement towards separation makes us sick. But any movement towards connection makes you whole!
When you forgive, when you love, when you trust, you walk towards your healing.
Take a look at this small town called Roseto.

The Effect Of Our Neighbor’s Love

Roseto has become very famous because Malcolm Gladwell wrote about it in his bestselling book, Outliers.
For many years, this small town in Pennsylvania was a “medical anomaly”. Doctors and researchers couldn’t understand why Roseto’s residents were incredibly healthy.
For example, virtually no one in Roseto had heart disease!
And the death rate for those age fifty to sixty years old was half that of the entire USA.

So many theories came up to explain this medical anomaly. They said perhaps it was the air they breathed. Or the water they drank. Or the food they ate. But after much research, all these theories didn’t hold water.

Why? Because right beside it was another town named Nazareth. And people of Roseto and Nazareth ate the same food, drank the same water, and breathed the same air.

But Nazareth, just a few miles away, had a lot of people with heart disease. And their death rate of old people followed the national average.

So what was so special about Roseto?
After many years of study, Doctors finally found the answer.
Many years ago, the people of a tiny village in Italy, also called Roseto, migrated to America.
They pitched their tents in a place in Pennsylvania and called their town Roseto too. And these migrants brought with them their close-knit relationships.
For years, they were insulated from the “individualist” lifestyle of America.

Let me give you a glaring fact: Unlike many Americans, in Roseto, three generations lived under one roof!

Grandpa, grandma, all the children and their spouses, and all the grandchildren still lived in one house, eating together everyday. Imagine the noise. Imagine the fights. Imagine the chaos. But imagine also the love!

Here’s a second unique thing about this town. After dinner, you’d see neighbors gathering on their wooden porches and talking over a hot cup of coffee. You’d see neighbors greeting each other on the street and chitchatting. No one is rushing. Everyone knows everybody.

And that, my friend, was the only reason for the medical anomaly in Roseto: Something called Love.

Create This Medical Anomaly
In Your Family
I believe God wants you to build a Roseto in your family.
He wants you to be 100% healthy.
He wants your family to be 100% healthy too.
How do you receive this grace?

Increase your love in your heart.
Increase your love in your family.
Spend more time together.
Go home after work and play with your kids.
Date your spouse.
Eat together often.
Laugh with your friends.
Better yet, serve together.
You’ll bless your loved ones with spectacular health.
Because only love heals.

4 Prescriptions To Heal Your Body
By The Power Of Love
Let me go to specific ways of healing.
Here are four things you can do to increase healing in your body by the power of love.

1. Open Up More
Dr. David Spiegel wanted to disprove my very message—that love has something to do with health.
He got women with metastatic breast cancer and divided them into two sections. The women in the first section were each given small support groups. These small groups were to meet for 90 minutes each week for sharing and encouragement.

The second section didn’t have these support groups.
Result? Those women in the first section, who had weekly support groups, lived twice as long as the other women.
Sadly, after five years, all the women in the second section were dead.
Dr. Spiegel was proven wrong.
Love has everything to do with your health!
If you want to be healed, open up in your close relationships. If you don’t have close relationships, find them.

In Light of Jesus, we don’t only have large gatherings like the Feast. We also have Caring Groups. These are small groups of 8 to 15 people who gather each week for sharing and loads of fun.

So here’s my first prescription for you: Join a Caring Group.
God wants to bring healing to your body. And He’ll do it by your close relationships.
They’ll change your life and heal your bodies too.
I’ve been part of these small, nourishing, Caring Groups for 30 years now. I can’t imagine my life without them. Each week, I always look forward to these relaxing, happy, fun meetings. I believe they’re the best stress-busters in the world.

2. Touch More

Do you have a pet?
You’ll find this next study riveting.

In Ohio, researchers wanted to measure the effect of a high-cholesterol diet among rabbits.
So they fed rabbits food rich in cholesterol. (I have no idea what they fed Bugs Bunny and his friends. Aligue? Crispy pata?)

In one room, rabbits were stacked in wired cages from floor to ceiling. All of them were given the same food rich in cholesterol.
The doctors were expecting all the rabbits to develop blockages in their arteries.
But the results boggled their minds. The rabbits at the higher cages got more blockages than the ones in the lower cages.
It made no sense.
The rabbits were of the same genetic background.
But after much thinking, they found the answer.
A very obvious, simple answer.

They discovered that the guy who fed the rabbits loved animals. He would play with them, pet them, cuddle them, and stroke them.
But here was the problem: He was short.
So he could play only with the rabbits in the lower cages. He couldn’t play with the rabbits in the higher cages. He could only feed them.

Result? The rabbits that were petted, cuddled, caressed, and loved had 60% less blockages in their arteries.
That’s the power of touch.
Go Against Your Culture
And Show Affection
If affection is good for rabbits, it must be good for you too.

I recommend that you touch, hug, and caress your loved ones more often. They need it. (Correction: They starve for it.)
And you need it too.

When I say this, some tell me, “But Bo, my family isn’t the touchy-feely type. It’s just not our family culture. We feel corny and icky when we do that.”
Then don’t follow your culture.
Unless, of course, you want to get sick.
Let me give you an example of culture.

Psycholgist Sydney Jourard wanted to measure the number of times couples touched in a restaurant. So he went around the world and through hidden cameras counted the number of “touches”.

In Puerto Rico, couples touched 180 times an hour.
In Paris, couples touched 110 times an hour.
But in the United States, they touched only 2 times an hour.
And in London, it was zero!
Too bad he didn’t come here to the Philippines.
But our national average isn’t important.

Here’s my second prescription: Today, make a decision to create a culture of touch in your family. If you know how important touching is to the health of your loved ones, you’ll do it.
Make a conscious effort to embrace each other everyday.

I embrace my kids everyday—and it’s good for them, and it’s good for me too!
Embrace your children.
Embrace your parents.
Embrace your friends.
We need hugs for our physical survival.

3. Volunteer More
Receiving love is important.
But giving love is important too.
In a huge study done by Cornell University, they gathered 427 married women with children. They hypothesized that the more kids a mother has (and thus, more stress), the earlier she dies.
They were wrong. The number of kids wasn’t a factor at all.
They were shocked to discover that the determining factor of a mother’s longevity was something very simple: whether she did volunteer work or not in a volunteer organization.

After thirty years, they went back to these 427 women.
Here were the results:
· Among the women who didn’t do volunteer work, 52% had major illnesses.
· Among the women who did regular volunteer work, only 36% had major illnesses.
You get sick because you move towards separation.
How does healing happen?
When you move towards connection.
When you love and receive love, your body rejoices.
Your body is happy!
And your body becomes strong.

Today, I ask you: Do you do volunteer work?
Do you give of yourself to people who won’t be able to pay you back? I invite you to join a ministry in your prayer group or charity work.

My third prescription for 100% health:
For a few hours a week, forget yourself. Think of others. Go out of your way. Serve strangers.
And yes, welcome healing into your body.

4. Accept More
I’ve got a great marriage.
People ask me, “Bo, what’s your secret? If there’s one thing that I can do to have a great marriage, what would it be?”

I tell them my secret.
It’s very simple, really.
Everyday in my marriage, I face a choice: To be right or to be loving. And I always choose to be loving.

There are times when I’m totally convinced that I’m right and my wife is totally wrong. But I’ve long decided never to insist that I’m right. I just love her. Believe me, this decision has made my marriage—and my life—so enjoyable. (And after two years or so, I realize I was wrong and she was right. Oh well…)

And my body is healthier too!

I heard Deepak Chopra once talk about this. He said if you want to be healed, you have to lose your need to defend your point of view.

War is the defense of a point of view.
But war has never worked. Just look at the history of the world. No one wins in a war!
Hey, it’s great to have a point of view. (It’s healthy.)
But don’t be attached to it.
Because no two people will experience reality in the same way. Repeat: When you lose your rigid need to be right, you experience healing.

Do you want to be healthy?

Here’s my fourth and last prescription: Don’t judge.
Don’t label.

Deepak says that in the silence of non-judgment, healing comes. (Silence happens because much of the noise in our minds is the noise of judgment.)
When you drop your defenses, there is nothing to attack.
Also, if you want to be healthy, choose the people you hang out with—those who don’t add to your stress. Have cheerful friends. Proverbs 22:24 says, Do not make friends with a hot-tempered man, do not associate with one easily angered…

You Will Be Healed
Friend, God wants to heal you.
God wants you to be healthy.
This is His great desire for you.
And the only way to be healthy is to live in love.

In the same way that fish need to live in the water, you too need to live in love.
Move towards connection with my four prescriptions.

· Open up more.
· Touch more.
· Serve more.
 And accept more.

Fill your life with love!

And you will be healed.

May your dreams come true

Rice Crackers

My hubby's snack last night while watching movie at home after dinner, if not doritos chips with salsa sauce. The other choice is Rice Crackers. Here in Australia the new release of movie in the world is like 2 or 3 months late I think so Iron Man 2 is the latest movie we have watched last night which is a new release on video shop.


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Dinner, Dinner,Dinner

Our dinner last night on one of the restaurant a chicken Schnitzel with mushroom sauce, lettuce salad and a chips

And one more this crispy potato wedges

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Wall of roof building

This photo was at my work place before leaving at the car park area I had a snap of the wall of the roof building with a lovely background of the cloudy sky.

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Saturday 9 Just Like Me

1. Who in your life do you think behaves and thinks the most like you do?
I don't know anyone close to me thinks like the way I do, my husband don't think as much as I

2. As a kid, were you ever wrongly accused (and punished, if it went that far) for something you didn't do? If so, what was it? What happened? Being naughty always happen to every kids, mum tells me to buy in store something if I frown or not obey her then she will punish me of not obeying or my siblings on same situation too...

3. What about as an adult, were you ever wrongly accused for something you didn't do?? Do you think it's worse to be accused as a child or an adult? Why/why not? As an adult it's worst to be accused, I remember when mum told me not to go out with my friends as she notice I am doing it everyday not staying at home, that day she was not at home then I sneakly go out not knowing she'll arrive early as I'm not expected, when she arrive home at that moment and caught my absent in the house, she get angry when I came home and I'm grounded to go out with friends or even use a telephone..waaaah She don't like if we disobey her and it's just right discipline to me or my brothers and sister.

3. What’s the scariest weather situation you’ve experienced? Typhoon when I was on grade school, floods and trees were falling on the street and some neighbor house roof are flying anywhere.

4. If you could wake up tomorrow morning in another country, where would you want to be and why? Now, I'm in Australia I would like to wake up in Philippines were my family belongs.

5. Instead of going to work Monday, if you could spend the entire day doing something else--any one or two things that you absolutely love doing--what would you do? Now, I'm thinking to just sleep and eat nice meal like mum's cooking style. Last week I've been working whole 5 days from 7am-6pm standing so my body is sore and tired that I just need proper rest and sleep, update and visit friends blogs.

6. What sites (other than meme sites) do you use most to help you post on your blog?
Facebook mostly

7. Check out a post on your blog from six months ago (March 2010) and tell us what is different now about your blog and/or life? It makes me grow personally, gives me motivation to do thing I want doing, become active person and appreciate the beauty of natures by photo taking.

8. What was the last photograph you took?
The flowers, the chooks, birds and spider in the backyard

9. Which fashion trend do you believe is the most horrendous and why?
saggy pants that some guys are's a trend but I hate looking on it showing their undergarment and

Baby Winston

This is baby Winston a 4 months old now son of my bestfriend, I took the photo during my visit on my friends My friend put the baby on the kitchen floor carpet in front of us sitting on the kitchen table. He's a good boy and he is not crying while her mum is busy entertaining me for a few hours, a nice day for her mum and I to catch up, chatting and laughing with each other, the little boy is just observing and listening how noisy we are.

House of Chow Restaurant Aquarium

An aquarium photo was taken last August 18, 2010 during our dinner at House of Chow Restaurant in celebration of my friend's birthday.  They have attractivel settings of aquarium with beautiful corals and accessoried plus the different kind of salt water fish which are gorgeous in many colors. 

They are my  4 close and true friends here in Adelaide that I'd love to go out, before we like going out often but lately everyone is busy with their family and kids, but still we try to catch up each other especially in special occasions like this.

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In my friend's kitchen

This photo was taken during my visit to my friend's house how many times I've been there but always forget to photo of these artistic artificial flower design. It was sitting on the side of the kitchen and I trasfer on the table to have a better looking presentation.

Another new accessories I saw in her kitchen bench was the bright color canister with a an interesting writing EAT, YUM, TREAT

Blue, Yellow Green and Red Canister

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Collections of blue

Last Tuesday I catch up with my friend, she picked me at home and we went out on shopping center to have lunch and coffee.  After all our chat and shopping she's dropping me home but I told her we will visit the Salvation Army shop on the way home maybe we can get something nice while browsing. We went there and I saw a display shelf showed on this photo all blue collections a teas set, a flower and a picture frame. 
My friend got a set of dotted colorful mugs which I forgot to take photo.

I've bought a shorts and a wall photo frame for only $5.00au, I recommend first to my friend to frame photos of her 2 months old baby bot but she can't be bothered to get it so I just bought it myself thinking to frame some selected photos we had during our holiday in Philippines.

One corner shelf that has toys display 

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Unsweetened Orange Juice

My daily morning drink unsweetened orange juice with tidbits

More beverage photos from Thursday Challenge here

Cereal for breakfast

You Are Corn Flakes

You are traditional and easy going.
If something is high quality, you're satisfied with it.
You don't need much variety or novelty in your life.
You're happy with what you have. You're quite loyal.
You're the type of person who eats the same breakfast every day...
And likely at the exact same time each day!

ABC Wednesday C- Castle and Coconut

A photo from Boracay Island Sand Castle made by local people. By building the Castle everyday of different styles and designs gives the local people of this Island earns a living by showing their talents and creativity people donate some heartily amount or token to the maker of castle.

This is the day when my family just arrived almost evening in the Island, after dinner we had a walk along the beach and watch the night life activities.  My mom and SIL who is pregnant didn't come with us that night because they are very tired for an almost 8 hours trip from our hometown so they just wait and rest on the hotel that night.


A little hut that sells different flavors of fruit shake one of them is Coconut or we called it Buko shake flavor, still a lot more to chose an avocado, mango, watermelon, strawberry, pineapple and more, I can't remember some of them but one of my favorite is Mango shake


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Boracay Island Family Bonding

ABC Wednesday B-Boracay Island/Bonding with Family

On Boracay Island Beach Resort, a reunion with my familylast May 26-28, 2010 during our holiday in the Philippines. It's the first time since 2002 my family was completed, because my eldest brother lives with his wife on the other province an hour airplane flight from my parents and me who lives on the other world too.  The first time were all in-laws meet and stay with the whole family. It's a very memorable vacation and bonding with my whole family I don't know when the time comes again that we can do this event. Hopefully not that very long years again.

My Parents, 2 brothers and a sister with SIL's and my hubby

The Edano Family

My Siblings and I

The fun during Island hopping swimming in the ocean


Girl's bondingtime preparing barbque chicken for dinner

After dinner watching and browsing all the funny photos we had during the Island hopping, it's a drinking night too.