Boracay Island Family Bonding

ABC Wednesday B-Boracay Island/Bonding with Family

On Boracay Island Beach Resort, a reunion with my familylast May 26-28, 2010 during our holiday in the Philippines. It's the first time since 2002 my family was completed, because my eldest brother lives with his wife on the other province an hour airplane flight from my parents and me who lives on the other world too.  The first time were all in-laws meet and stay with the whole family. It's a very memorable vacation and bonding with my whole family I don't know when the time comes again that we can do this event. Hopefully not that very long years again.

My Parents, 2 brothers and a sister with SIL's and my hubby

The Edano Family

My Siblings and I

The fun during Island hopping swimming in the ocean


Girl's bondingtime preparing barbque chicken for dinner

After dinner watching and browsing all the funny photos we had during the Island hopping, it's a drinking night too.

Marinated Prawn Meat

Stir fried prawn meat marinated with Portuguese chilli sauce. I'm still practicing cooking so please don't mind if they don't really look that yummy. Blogging about my cooking motivates and encourage me to learn more .

A scattered yellow sauce makes an entry for my post today


This photo was taken on Warriparinga Wetlands the closer park in our place which I haven't been before since I was here in Adelaide, it's because it's not really well develop  or my hubby just don't think of bringing me here to visit before, but during the weekend that his friend is with us and we passed on this park I suggest if we can have a quick look, so then we did. This is the place when I post the photo of a wooden dead trees dig on the ground, if you happen to look at it last week on my other blog. You can see many sign around "Watch out of Snakes", must be some snakes around.

Kookaburra Bird in the lamp post watching around if there is snake crawling, our friends says this bird like to eat snakes.

I also give a shot on this animal wooden design sitting in the corner of the park, looks like a chair for kids. What form of animal is this? It's like an aligator?oh it's a crocodile...

How about this one? like an alligator I'm just guessing.

Appreciate Your Loved Ones, Without Trying To Fix Them

I want to share an inspiring article that I've just read, hope you'll like it too

My title says it all.
My title is so powerful, so earth-shaking, I should be charging you a million pesos for divulging this secret to you.
Believe me, if you apply this principle into your life, you will change your entire life—radically.
You’ll have less stress.
You’ll have less fights.
You’ll have more peace.
You’ll be more joyful.
You’ll feel and look younger by ten years.
You’ll probably remove your wrinkles and turn your white hair black again!
Okay, maybe not.
But I’m exaggerating to drive home a point.

It was Dr. James Dobson who said that before you get married, you should have both eyes wide open. But after the marriage ceremony, close one eye.

What does he mean? Before you get married, you should be very careful in evaluating your future spouse. Check everything. Values. Background. Preferences. Reactions. Beliefs. Examine everything!

But when you get married, stop evaluating.
Stop critiquing.
It’s now time to simply accept the other person, give up the hope of fixing the other person.
Remove the robes of the courtroom judge.
Instead, put on the robes of a painter capturing the beauty of a scene. An artist simply accepts what is and nurtures a gratitude for what is there.

When you accept the other person and become grateful towards him, a great miracle happens: The person learns to accept himself too and thus bring healing of his Heart Wound. Changes begin to take place spontaneously.

Here are a few instructions to develop gratitude in your relationship:

Thank your loved one for the small things he does for you, especially all the typical things he always does for you. The next time your loved ones comes home from work, or takes out the trash, or fixes the car, or takes care of the baby, you know what to do.

Thank your loved one for her uniqueness.
Remind yourself that this uniqueness attracted you to this person as friend, spouse, business partner, etc.
Thank your loved one directly. Express it. Don’t hide your gratitude!
I promise: Gratitude will be like oil in the engine of your relationship.
Your relationship will function in a new level in a while.

It’s these simple “actionable” changes that you’ll learn in my inspiring new book, How To Build A Happy Family, and my powerful 7-session video and audio course, Relationships Reborn.

I believe that after 7 sessions of listening to God’s Word about relationships, you’ll see your relationships dramatically change.

Why Only Now

After 12 years of married life, I like describing family in this way: It’s like pushing a luggage cart overflowing with 3 suitcases and 4 balikbayan boxes, complete with a squeaky left wheel, up a steep ramp in the old Manila international airport. (Remember that one? I almost killed people there. I was moving down towards the parking lot. Soon, I no longer had control of my cargo. All my bags and boxes went tumbling down like rocks in a landslide. A poor nun in front of me almost went to Heaven, if she didn’t jump to the side.)

Friend, when it comes to your family, you need to keep pushing upwards. Everyday! You need to renew your family life.
Resting is not an option. The weight is too much. Soon, gravity will pull it going down.
The gravity of selfishness. Indifference. Or just the sheer gamut of distractions around you.
Let me show you a better way.

Get A Divine Porter

I’d like to teach you how to push upwards towards having a fantastic, wonderful, loving family.
Here’s the good news: You don’t have to push alone.
Soon, others in your family will push with you. As you change, in due time, they too will change.
And remember your porter beside you: God is pushing with you. He’s committed to your family. He will make you strong. He will guide your way.

Dear friend, I offer you this Book and Video Course with my earnest prayer.
I declare great abundance and love and joy in your relationships.
I declare the very best blessings upon you and your family.

BBQ Hotdog

I found this photo on my old archives, if I remember this was on the beach on our town when my friend on the left wearing brown dress arrive from Indonesia to have christmas vacation in Phils. and we had acquintance party here as well. It was December 2007 and also my remaining month left in Phils. before going to Australia to settle with the love of my life. 

 As you can see the hotdog was burned or is it really? lol, it's because we all chatting with each other and excited for every story that was being told and there we almost forget to flip the barbeque hotdog, lucky ony the first batch was burned looks like it can still be eaten right?haha Lesson on that day, next time don't talk to much pay attention if your doing

More photo of Ruby Tuesday you can view here

The Challenge In Cooking

Hi bloggers, I'm creating a new blog again I must have plenty of spare time to make another blog and really have it's because my hours at work was reduced as it's quite during winter that most retail shops were experiencing. I was thinking to categorize a new blog of my frustrating hobby that I want to learn surely, I’m going to pursue and put enough patience to do it, guess what it is? The Cooking hobby, it’s my challenge in life since I got married it's been lucky my hubby still marry me knowing I don’t know how to cook properly lol, he just told me it’s not a problem because I can start learning, I don’t why I haven’t learned cooking before, now it's like I regret it, my family are very good in cooking but only me isn’t good grrr, I’m always a dishwasher at home after eating or if there is occasion that’s my I’ve tried my best but then I couldn’t make it perfectly and I felt bad if it’s not a good taste.

Now I need to put all the effort in my heart to success in the making I need to motivate myself to try and try until I succeed in cooking and hubby will be proud of me. He is also encouraging me that sometimes if I cook our dinner and the result is not tasty for me, I think of not serving to him but still I did lol. When I asked him if it taste alright he told me its nice waaah just maybe to make me feel better but sometimes I got a jackpot that it really taste good too by looking him eating a big plate, I feel good if it happens like that. Now here I am trying to work hard for the best result and I can cook nice food, I also plan to take a cooking lesson sothat I can experience and learn the proper way of how to do it, how to slice vegetable, how I know if meat is tender, how long the food will cook. Now it sounds interesting and challenging to me.

Guess what again? It’s a coincidence that I married a husband that has a family name of It really insult me a lot when my friends and relatives knew my surname and they start teasing me. We even make fun of my new surname a COOK that cannot cook. My MIL when I first arrive in Adelaide she always give me different kinds of cookbook everytime we visit she likes asking me if I tried to cook the recipe on her books, I just cook my own experiment recipe lol, I don't like going with my hubby to visit her sometimes to escape from queries lol, sometimes she’s annoy also because she don’t hear anything if I do try one of her book,  she wants me to invite her and her hubby to have dinner at home with my own cooking talent, is that really needed? she'll just disappoint haha.  Don’t worry MIL time will come soon and I won’t fail you.

The challenge will start soon and I will stand for what my surname describe