Appreciate Your Loved Ones, Without Trying To Fix Them

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My title says it all.
My title is so powerful, so earth-shaking, I should be charging you a million pesos for divulging this secret to you.
Believe me, if you apply this principle into your life, you will change your entire life—radically.
You’ll have less stress.
You’ll have less fights.
You’ll have more peace.
You’ll be more joyful.
You’ll feel and look younger by ten years.
You’ll probably remove your wrinkles and turn your white hair black again!
Okay, maybe not.
But I’m exaggerating to drive home a point.

It was Dr. James Dobson who said that before you get married, you should have both eyes wide open. But after the marriage ceremony, close one eye.

What does he mean? Before you get married, you should be very careful in evaluating your future spouse. Check everything. Values. Background. Preferences. Reactions. Beliefs. Examine everything!

But when you get married, stop evaluating.
Stop critiquing.
It’s now time to simply accept the other person, give up the hope of fixing the other person.
Remove the robes of the courtroom judge.
Instead, put on the robes of a painter capturing the beauty of a scene. An artist simply accepts what is and nurtures a gratitude for what is there.

When you accept the other person and become grateful towards him, a great miracle happens: The person learns to accept himself too and thus bring healing of his Heart Wound. Changes begin to take place spontaneously.

Here are a few instructions to develop gratitude in your relationship:

Thank your loved one for the small things he does for you, especially all the typical things he always does for you. The next time your loved ones comes home from work, or takes out the trash, or fixes the car, or takes care of the baby, you know what to do.

Thank your loved one for her uniqueness.
Remind yourself that this uniqueness attracted you to this person as friend, spouse, business partner, etc.
Thank your loved one directly. Express it. Don’t hide your gratitude!
I promise: Gratitude will be like oil in the engine of your relationship.
Your relationship will function in a new level in a while.

It’s these simple “actionable” changes that you’ll learn in my inspiring new book, How To Build A Happy Family, and my powerful 7-session video and audio course, Relationships Reborn.

I believe that after 7 sessions of listening to God’s Word about relationships, you’ll see your relationships dramatically change.

Why Only Now

After 12 years of married life, I like describing family in this way: It’s like pushing a luggage cart overflowing with 3 suitcases and 4 balikbayan boxes, complete with a squeaky left wheel, up a steep ramp in the old Manila international airport. (Remember that one? I almost killed people there. I was moving down towards the parking lot. Soon, I no longer had control of my cargo. All my bags and boxes went tumbling down like rocks in a landslide. A poor nun in front of me almost went to Heaven, if she didn’t jump to the side.)

Friend, when it comes to your family, you need to keep pushing upwards. Everyday! You need to renew your family life.
Resting is not an option. The weight is too much. Soon, gravity will pull it going down.
The gravity of selfishness. Indifference. Or just the sheer gamut of distractions around you.
Let me show you a better way.

Get A Divine Porter

I’d like to teach you how to push upwards towards having a fantastic, wonderful, loving family.
Here’s the good news: You don’t have to push alone.
Soon, others in your family will push with you. As you change, in due time, they too will change.
And remember your porter beside you: God is pushing with you. He’s committed to your family. He will make you strong. He will guide your way.

Dear friend, I offer you this Book and Video Course with my earnest prayer.
I declare great abundance and love and joy in your relationships.
I declare the very best blessings upon you and your family.