This photo was taken on Warriparinga Wetlands the closer park in our place which I haven't been before since I was here in Adelaide, it's because it's not really well develop  or my hubby just don't think of bringing me here to visit before, but during the weekend that his friend is with us and we passed on this park I suggest if we can have a quick look, so then we did. This is the place when I post the photo of a wooden dead trees dig on the ground, if you happen to look at it last week on my other blog. You can see many sign around "Watch out of Snakes", must be some snakes around.

Kookaburra Bird in the lamp post watching around if there is snake crawling, our friends says this bird like to eat snakes.

I also give a shot on this animal wooden design sitting in the corner of the park, looks like a chair for kids. What form of animal is this? It's like an aligator?oh it's a crocodile...

How about this one? like an alligator too...lol I'm just guessing.