Saturday 9 Just Like Me

1. Who in your life do you think behaves and thinks the most like you do?
I don't know anyone close to me thinks like the way I do, my husband don't think as much as I

2. As a kid, were you ever wrongly accused (and punished, if it went that far) for something you didn't do? If so, what was it? What happened? Being naughty always happen to every kids, mum tells me to buy in store something if I frown or not obey her then she will punish me of not obeying or my siblings on same situation too...

3. What about as an adult, were you ever wrongly accused for something you didn't do?? Do you think it's worse to be accused as a child or an adult? Why/why not? As an adult it's worst to be accused, I remember when mum told me not to go out with my friends as she notice I am doing it everyday not staying at home, that day she was not at home then I sneakly go out not knowing she'll arrive early as I'm not expected, when she arrive home at that moment and caught my absent in the house, she get angry when I came home and I'm grounded to go out with friends or even use a telephone..waaaah She don't like if we disobey her and it's just right discipline to me or my brothers and sister.

3. What’s the scariest weather situation you’ve experienced? Typhoon when I was on grade school, floods and trees were falling on the street and some neighbor house roof are flying anywhere.

4. If you could wake up tomorrow morning in another country, where would you want to be and why? Now, I'm in Australia I would like to wake up in Philippines were my family belongs.

5. Instead of going to work Monday, if you could spend the entire day doing something else--any one or two things that you absolutely love doing--what would you do? Now, I'm thinking to just sleep and eat nice meal like mum's cooking style. Last week I've been working whole 5 days from 7am-6pm standing so my body is sore and tired that I just need proper rest and sleep, update and visit friends blogs.

6. What sites (other than meme sites) do you use most to help you post on your blog?
Facebook mostly

7. Check out a post on your blog from six months ago (March 2010) and tell us what is different now about your blog and/or life? It makes me grow personally, gives me motivation to do thing I want doing, become active person and appreciate the beauty of natures by photo taking.

8. What was the last photograph you took?
The flowers, the chooks, birds and spider in the backyard

9. Which fashion trend do you believe is the most horrendous and why?
saggy pants that some guys are's a trend but I hate looking on it showing their undergarment and