Differents Kinds of Shaved Ham and Etc.

Yesterday was my first day to start on my Permanent part-time job on deli department.  I was familiar with this kind of department to me as it's a bit the same as what I did on my first job.  But I still need to learn and familiarize most of the product sothat it's easy for me to identify when customer ask what they want.  I need to familiarize different kinds of shaved ham, salad, olives, sausages, cheese and other product.  It's alright when the customer points the order they want it's handy to me, but sometimes when they talk I can't really understand because of the Australian accent.  It's just same happen when I start on my new job, I know when I memorize most of the product it would be heaps easy for me.  My manager said I'm doing good on my first day and it's a great compliment to receive from a superior.  It's nice working on a group of people, more lively, more interaction and you can experience different personality and behavior. I'm glad I was feel so welcome and they were so nice to me.