Les Miserables In Concert 2010 (25th Anniversary)

MIL plan and invite us to watch a musical play movie, she booked a ticket for four of us a week ago. Yesterday evening PIL, my hubby and I went to a movie theater to watch an old play titled Les' Mesirables that was originated last 1985. This 2010 year was their 25th anniversary and it was portrayed by new generation group of actors and singers.   I've heard it was almost 3 hours movie concert, I thought I'd be sleeping while the show is going thinking it would be boring to me, beside I had a whole day time at work so I'm still tired but to keep MIL happy, hubby and I still accompany the PIL that night.

The movie had started, I was amazed with the introduction there are beautiful voices, talented actors especially when I saw our very own gorgeous, talented and lovely voice who is one of the main character on the play, she was Lea Salonga a popular singer of Philippine Industry.  I was really enjoying and proud watching her as the main cast of the play. She sing the song that makes Susan Boyles shine on Britain's Got talent "I Dream A Dream" something like that. That's fantastic show with a great story of a French novel about the The Wretched, The Poor Ones and the Victims what a terrific impersonation of the character.  I really love it, it's my first time to watch a musical play movie that was played long long time ago.  While watching didn't notice the time it's almost finish and 3 hours is very quick if your enjoy and love watching that kind of play especially on the last bit the original character of 1985 performed as well how brilliant are the voices even they are old now. It's a big event, a big show, with a big performance, a big crowd of audienc. Just amazing.


  1. Luna Miranda Says:

    i recently saw Lea Salonga when "Cats" was at the CCP in Manila. Les Mis has beautiful music.

    Posted on October 26, 2010 at 3:13 PM  

    Caroline Says:

    Its a very moving, universally touching show. I have seen it three times in different parts of the worlds and its always a great experience.

    Posted on October 26, 2010 at 4:40 PM