Stella Maris Academy 2010 Alumni Homecoming

This coming December 30, 2010 is the 2010 Alumni Homecoming of my beloved school Stella Maris Academy in my hometown Philippines. Since I had graduated last 1994 batch this is the 3rd time we are joining the Alumni homecoming and this is my first time not to attend the event as I’m a thousand miles away from my country. I feel sad and I will miss the fun of that day. I know how it feels because it’s really a great time for everyone it’s like a reunion of batch mates or schoolmates but a family thing as every generations of the family graduated on same school. It’s very popular now on facebook, as I can read and see the post of my classmate and other batches how exciting it would be, suggesting what design and color of the T-shirt to wear. Like me some of our classmate can’t be there too because they are working overseas.

I’ll share some of the photos I’ve keep last December 2005 Alumni with my batch mates, we had a blue shirt color with emotion characters printed on the back and the front has a writing how we love our Alma matter SMA.

Please click here for more photos of Mellow Yellow Monday and Blue Monday