Severe Abdominal Pain

I've read a news today from regarding a celebrity actor . I was so interested to know again about what happen to him. He is the popular actor on TV show of Two and A Half Men, "Charlie Sheen" our favorite comedy tv show. Here's is the detailed of the's funny how the life of this actor always seems to be same sort of trouble inspite of all the success on his acting carreer.

Actor Charlie Sheen has been taken to hospital with severe abdominal pains after reportedly laughing too hard at a television show during a marathon party.

The star of Two And a Half Men - the highest paid actor in the US, was wheeled on a stretcher from his Los Angeles home and was closely followed by two young women, celebrity news website reported.

TMZ and named one of the women as porn actress Kacey Jordan, 22.

Charlie Sheen ... taken to hospital.
Sheen's spokesman, Stan Rosenfield, told Reuters the actor had a long-standing hernia condition, although he was not sure if that was the direct cause of his latest hospitalisation.

"All I know is, he was having severe abdominal pains and went to the hospital," he said.

But a friend of Sheen told celebrity TV show Extra that the pains were the result of a hernia injury that worsened when the 45-year-old Hollywood bad boy laughed too hard at a television show. It was not known what the show was.

"I'm not dying," Sheen was said to have told his friend Steve Bordersen, Extra reported.

TMZ reported that Sheen's father, Martin Sheen, his mother, Janet Templeton, and Sheen's ex-wife Denise Richards were all at the hospital with him.

An emergency call was made at 6.35am on Thursday and the ambulance arrived about 7am, the site said.
Neighbours told TMZ that Sheen hosted a party at his house on Wednesday night.

Women were heard singing to music by Red Hot Chili Peppers and the party lasted into the morning, the site reported.

TMZ also reported that Sheen watched three hours of porn with an adult film star and was allegedly smoking cocaine.

The star of Platoon, Wall Street and Major League has a history of substance abuse.
 He completed a short stint in a rehabilitation facility in February last year.
On Christmas Day two months earlier, Sheen was arrested and charged with a slew of domestic violence offences against his third wife, Brooke Mueller.

He spent another month in rehab in August last year. The stay was part of a deal with police that resulted in the domestic abuse charges being dropped, the New York Daily News reported.

In October last year police were called to The Plaza hotel in New York City, where they found Sheen naked and a woman locked in the bathroom.

The actor admitted taking cocaine and drinking alcohol on that occasion, according to the New York Daily News.

Less than a month later he filed for divorce from Mueller. They were married in 2008 and had twin sons.
Sheen also has two daughters with Richards, whom he married in 2002.

Richards, an actress, filed for divorce in March 2005 while she was pregnant with their second child, claiming Sheen drank and took drugs excessively and threatened her physically.

Sheen has had numerous relationships with porn actresses and was named in 1995 as a regular client of Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss.

Women's Tears : A Cure to Prostate Cancer

A very interesting article to share, today while we are waiting for our lunch order on restaurant I was reading the Body & Soul magazine regarding this article: please have a quick read. Thanks

The findings, in a study by the Weizmann Institute of Science and Wolfson Hospital near Tel Aviv on the role tears play in non-verbal communication, suggest that a chemical in women’s tears lowers men’s testosterone levels.

Looking beyond any impact on sexual drive, the researchers hope their findings might one day be used in cancer treatment.

"There are a number of illnesses that are treated by lowering the levels of testosterone, the most prominent is prostate cancer,” said Professor Noam Sobel of the Weizmann Institute.

He said the current methods of testosterone reduction cause side effects, and his research team hoped that the use of tears could eliminate them.

Men who took part in the study, published in Science Express, were asked to sniff the tears of women who had cried while watching sad films.

Sobel said researchers had expected the tears would boost the men’s sense of empathy. Instead, their heart and respiratory rates, salivary testosterone and a brain scan all pointed to a reduction of sexual arousal.
The chemo-signal in women’s tears, he said, was one way of saying “no, I am not interested.”

Communication is key to survival. Humans, like all mammals, use smell in their communication. It is very efficient if you have a chemical signal which transmits what you want—or clearly don’t want—in a sexual situation,” Sobel added.

He said the researchers had set out to study the tears of both men and women, but only one man had responded to a notice put up on Israeli college campuses asking for volunteers who thought they could cry easily.

Secret garden- Korean Telesere

Two weeks ago while updating my facebook, reading updates and watching photos of my friends. I happen to read the message of my cousin posted for her niece. It’s about Korean movies which give me an interest to ask her about the telesere, I would love to watch as well to kill my boring time sometimes. Until she gave me the website and it’s on a blogsite which I'm joining and easy for me to access as I can be a follower of the persons blog. I started to watch My Princess I love it and I keep on looking forward for the next episode because it’s still on air. While waiting for the episode to upload by the blogger kimchidrama, if you click this you can find many kind of Korean and Taiwanese movie.

I was browsing some of the series and I had picked the Secret Garden, it was 20 episodes and all were uploaded completely I had the chance to watch continuously or finish in one day or two and I was right, one night I had started and I don’t like to stop watching but finish the whole the episodes. A sleepless night for me, lucky it was my day off the next day and I had the chance to sleep tight after. Very nice drama comedy, I’d really enjoyed and even had a teary eye watching the best and touching story of the series.

Thanks to my cousin Milan, who shared the site movies for me. It makes me busy and I forget some negative and homesick feelings sometimes. Now, I'm on my next series but can't finish it sooner because I have work the next day and weekend so I'll just wait patiently for my free time to continue watching.