Secret garden- Korean Telesere

Two weeks ago while updating my facebook, reading updates and watching photos of my friends. I happen to read the message of my cousin posted for her niece. It’s about Korean movies which give me an interest to ask her about the telesere, I would love to watch as well to kill my boring time sometimes. Until she gave me the website and it’s on a blogsite which I'm joining and easy for me to access as I can be a follower of the persons blog. I started to watch My Princess I love it and I keep on looking forward for the next episode because it’s still on air. While waiting for the episode to upload by the blogger kimchidrama, if you click this you can find many kind of Korean and Taiwanese movie.

I was browsing some of the series and I had picked the Secret Garden, it was 20 episodes and all were uploaded completely I had the chance to watch continuously or finish in one day or two and I was right, one night I had started and I don’t like to stop watching but finish the whole the episodes. A sleepless night for me, lucky it was my day off the next day and I had the chance to sleep tight after. Very nice drama comedy, I’d really enjoyed and even had a teary eye watching the best and touching story of the series.

Thanks to my cousin Milan, who shared the site movies for me. It makes me busy and I forget some negative and homesick feelings sometimes. Now, I'm on my next series but can't finish it sooner because I have work the next day and weekend so I'll just wait patiently for my free time to continue watching.