Pokies Addict

Last night was the night for how many months I thought of visiting my neighborhood around the corner. The gaming pub with pokies machine lol. It's not a healthy lifestyle if you always loss and make it as a habit, not tolerable hobby. I remember ages ago when I was new I become addicted that I go to the pub many times a week because it's very close or can be walking distance hehehe not now because I know how to control and it's not very good hobby to keep  on doing. But guess what? it can be a stress reliever or an outlet to spare a private moment of your own, but be careful only.

I feel bored only when I thought of going last night around 7pm. My hubby don't like me doing that because he don't like gambling, but sometimes with not much friend around, he permits me and just advice not to spend much. But last night I think I miss playing so much  I did almost win but then return back to the machine. So in the end, I was loss grrr, I felt bad though but it makes me feel happy on some point.  When I loss I regret sometimes, I said to myself I better go shopping or buy anything. I need a poke on my head hehe.

Next time I will play only with the amount of money I need to spend and with time limit so win or loss, I really need to go back home. That's what my rules now If ever I play again, just a friendly advice to everyone as well I think that's the best way to entertain and enjoy playing pokies making a rules on a limit of money and time.

Gran Torino

We just finished watching gran torino movie at home, it's a film last 2008 which we haven't watch yet. The main character and producer is Clint Eastwood.  I like the story, I thought I'll be bored watching because that's the choice of hubby when he went to video shop alone which I don't have any clue even it starts playing. My hubby said" just keep on watching and don't fall asleep, but as the movie continue I'm liking it, very touching and I can feel there is something more beautiful in the story as we continue watching. A drama, adventure and action movie.

The plot of the Gran Torino movie is about a korean war vet Walt Kowalski who is alienated by his family and angry at the world, a retired autoworker, a widowed man and live alone with his labrador retriever dog.Walt is man who doesn't like his neighbor next door, a Hmong migrants from South East Asia. Especially when he knows the young boy Thao attempt to steal his gran torino car in which was the first initiation to pass on a gang. Later on they become good friends with the young boy Thao and his sister. Walt, becomes the defender of his neighbor against the local gang that feed violence and fears. He died to protect and  save their lives from the gangster and on his written will he give his car to Thao.

The Gran Torino Car, everybody wants to ride on this car.

Mammogram and Ultrasound

The day I went for a  medical check up last week. I was examined by doctor and recommend me to a specialist on radiology center for a mammogram and ultra sound.

You may ask what mammogram is. That’s what I don’t know before until I had it done last Friday. It’s a diagnostic screening of how your breast looks like, it’s like an x-ray to take image of the breast or to detect a breast cancer early. It recognizes the kind of lump if it’s benign or malignant. Mostly it’s recommended for women start ages 40 but sometimes women who feel a lump on breast should always consult the doctor as soon as possible and make this kind of test. It’s not painful enough but uncomfortable feeling and takes a few seconds with  different angles of both breasts to screen.

After the mammogram, I had an ultra sound as my next step. It’s a scanning device on a screen to see clearly the tissue and organs inside the body. It produces the best image that are soft or filled with fluid and shows the formation of abnormal shape or lump in breast. Base on seeing the image the specialist will diagnose the  result and give advice what to do or  further more screening to take. It usually takes 10-15 minutes and it’s painless.

After getting the result and was explained by my doctor. No need for me to worry as it looks benign or a form of fibroadenoma which is non cancerous lump and common lumps for most women. But for further more I need another test to know what consist inside the lump.  So then, my doctor recommends me to another screening for a biopsy test which I also done today, but still waiting for result.

I'm just doing the right procedure and preventing bad effects on my health as per advice by friends, family and of course the doctor. That's why if something you may feel wrong, don't ignore always consult the doctor.  I just keep on praying everything will be alright on my health always. 

Breast Lumps

Last month while sleeping I unconsciously touch my right breast and I had felt a lump. I didn't mind but continue my sleep. Until the morning, I remember what happened while I was sleeping or if I’m just dreaming. So I feel my breast again and the lump was really there I’m a little bit worried and after a few hours I became paranoid. I really don’t feel my breast always before so I don’t know if the lump was there for a long time or just then.  I ask some friends and they said it’s normal only for women to have lumps because it just come and go especially on menstrual cycle. It was my cycle that month so I forget and ignore about it. 

A few days ago, I don’t know why I suddenly touch my breast and I feel the lump again. I was thinking maybe my monthly visitor is coming soon but why it was on the same spot again but I can feel it's moving but same shape, it’s like a pebble.  I became worried; I became a researcher online about breast lumps I have read many articles and seems like I don’t need to worry much, there are many kinds of lumps and most are benign lumps. But of course, I'm worried aren’t you? I think it's normal feeling if it happen to every woman. That's why always consult the doctor for best advice as soon as possible.

So the next day, I planned an appointment to see a doctor to have peace of mind and won’t bother the feeling of being worried. My friend from work recommend her doctor and accompanied on medical center for check up. It was nice of her to support me and cheer me up that everything will be fine. It’s just right to see a doctor if something happen like this.

I had my check up and the doctor did the examination she advice not to worry because it’s far from bad side effects. But in order to know clearly, she refer me to specialist for a mammogram and ultra-sound examination.

It says, 8 out of 10 lumps found in the breast are non-cancerous. I hope everything is alright with my health, it’s only my wealth.  So tomorrow is my schedule for mammogram and ultrasound, I’m scare and nervous but crossing my finger and praying to God that He will cast away all the negative feeling and give me healthy life  that everything is fine with the result.

I know God will guide me and always there for my safety and good health.

Feeding Kangaroo

Another photo from Cleland Wildlife Park during my 3 months holiday here in Adelaide last 2006.  This photo is where I was feeding the Kangaroo and an Ostrich after.  I was just holding a bag of bread but I don’t know if I really have the guts to feed the Kangaroo. I get excited as we wait for the feeding time together with some visitors. When we were inside the huge cage all I do is  watching other visitors feeding kangaroo and looking at them jumping around. My hubby told me before they can be vicious sometimes, but in this wildlife park they are friendly animal.  I’m scare and nervous if kangaroo comes closer to me waaah, I always stay on my hubby’s side incase it will attack.lol  But seeing a young boy so brave and enjoying feeding, I told myself why can’t I do that, he’s just little and me an adult is very scare. So, I make myself tough and strong to get closer and feed the kangaroo, it feels good feeding them, it’s like I’m just feeding a chicken.  As I was feeding I’m careful with my moves and just quite to make them at ease and not suddenly kicked me.hahaha I really had fun and it’s a good experience feeding the kangaroo.

Sculpture of koala from the entrance

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Mount Lofty Tower

The other day I was searching for the empty usb flash drive to back up all my files and the blog content of sites especially Everyday As It Comes that has some problems before but now all is fine. I found one of the usb that I’ve been looking for long time ago since I was started blogging. The usb which contains all the photos during my vacation last 2006 when hubby and I were not married yet. I had lots of photos taken from most of the tourist spot in Adelaide.

They are old photos but it would be nice to share to you,  my first visit in Australia

I read on wikipedia the history of Mt. Lofty is the highest point in the Mount Lofty Ranges. It is located about 15km east of the centre of the city of Adelaide in South Australia and gives unrivalled panoramic views of the city and the Adelaide plains and foothills. It was first climbed by a European when explorer Collet Barker climbed it in April 1831, almost seven years before Adelaide was settled. It was named by Matthew Flinders on his circumnavigation of Australia in 1802.

The Summit was closed to the public during World War 2, when the obelisk was considered an indispensable navigation assistant. A flashing strobe was fitted to the top to improve visibility at night. This strobe was removed after the war, but then re-installed in the 1990s, when the obelisk was repainted and restored during construction of the new kiosk.

Mt. Lofty Tower, can you see me?

The look out spot for tourist to view all over the city of Adelaide

Here you can see the whole Adelaide from Mt. Lofty look out. 

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The Garden Bed and the Little Gardener

Today, I just came home from a friend’s house that is having her holiday here. I have missed her call in the morning while I was still sleeping. I return a call telling what she’s up to and sorry for not answering her call. She wants me to visit her house and have my lunch there that'swhat we used to do before when they were living here. I like to attack their house anytime because she likes to have my company. She is good in cooking while I’m good in eating the food she had cooked.lol So today, I was there again to have bonding a moment and play with her daughter. They have a wide backyard with a garden bed design, I feel like taking photos while she was busy talking to an important conversation on the phone. Her daughter followed me in the backyard, as I’m going to take a shot of garden bed the girl jump and say cheeezeeee. I was surprised when she do that, my friend had trained her how to smile during photo taking hehehehe. I’m not ready when she did the facial expression so I told her to do it again please but then she became shy and not looking on camera. I just did click until I got a nice shot of her face facing the camera. After that she just play around the backyard picking up the broom, garden hose and any thing she can hold onto and pretend like cleaning. She’s pretty and very cute girl, very lively and talkative that I was entertained and it made my day wonderful.

I decided to go back home as I have afternoon work, I saw her on the lounge peacefully sleeping on her mums lap.  She must be so tired after playing.

I took some photos of the garden bed and Aria while playing in the backyard.

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Saturday Day Off

Yesterday was a fruitful day, it's my day off I woke up as medium early in the morning, warm up, had breakfast and start to do the general cleaning. Everything was tidy except for the spare bedroom which we use sometimes like a store room and dump most of the things that we are not using some shoes, clothing and others. That’s my next week mission to accomplish.

In the afternoon hubby and I went to shop to buy new curtain but we didn’t get a chance to get a new one. My friend whom I’ve met the other day wants to catch up again so we go home quickly. She just grabbed the opportunity to go out by herself while her MIL is baby sitting her daughter and to be herself for a day to enjoy her holiday here in Adelaide. We went to Glenelg for a dinner on Gringos, a Mexican restaurant and we had cup of coffee after. We had a great time together and even took some photos using her camera because I don’t bring mine.

After that she dropped me at home but then stay for a while because I ask her favor to make a floral arrangement for me that I asked for a long time. She is good on arranging so she made it so quick, simple and looks beautiful because she was telling her daughter is waiting on her to be home soon.

It was an awesome day, we enjoyed and I’m loving it.

Merilyn's floral arrangement

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Cyclone Yasi

Another devastating and tragic event was happened to Queensland. A Cyclone Yasi, an unpredictable weather that just blew the world’s nature and gives problem to the lives of many people. What a bad impact to Queensland people which causes many damages on business establishment, houses and even in danger the lives of the people living there.

I heard thousand of soldiers, polices and emergency workers has been sent to help the state condition. The Cyclone Yasi hit last Wednesday there are heavy rains and flash flood on most areas and no power for how many thousands homes and residents were staying on evacuation center. What an unfortunate and hard situation they are now, hope everything will be fine and they won’t feel hopeless in experiencing the calamity.

There are a few mum’s who gave birth to a miracle baby that was born one the center, imagine how difficult it is to labor on uncomfortable place but thanks God, the family where so grateful and lucky the baby was delivered alive, safe and healthy. One parent's told they will give a nickname Yasi to the new borb baby, only when she's naughty.

New Custom Domain URL successfully Redirect

I feel so relieve now, you know why? It’s been a few days I’m worrying what had happened to the new custom domain URL I've purchased from blogger. Usually it redirects automatically after 48 hours but thinking its 1 week now still it was not redirected, I wonder why. I was billed on my credit card for the purchase at the same time I've received confirmation email that new URL was successfully registered.
Today, whole morning I was browsing on blogger help forum and discussion. I also make query about my site problem and looking for a possible solution. As I type my problem on blogger help search engine, I found result of related topics of some bloggers that has same problem as mine. They were as hopeless and upset as they don’t know how to recover the new domain, I was reading frustrating message they wrote. I feel sad too because I'm thinking I can't resolve of my own. As I kept reading the discussions question and answer regarding the same issue, there I find the solution. But I don’t know if it’s applicable to my blog URL settings. There are many instructions how to recover and it needs signing in on googles application control panel. It gives me headache, huh as I don’t’ often use that application if I remember I open it once only which now I forgot my username and password. My luck that I forgot both of them, but no pain, no gain, after all my brain is tired of understanding and reading most of the troubleshooting problem on blogger help articles that helps my account recover.
Now, I feel happy and have peace of mind thinking that my new domain URL is activated and successfully working.

To some blogger who purchase a new domain URL on their blog and it don’t redirect for a few days, here is some helpful tips, I’ve discovered and based on experience it works to redirect and publish successfully your new domain URL.

It’s very simple steps to follow:

*Open Google Apps control panel account, Sign-In (Click Sites Menu)

*On the Sites Settings page, select the Web address mapping tab.

then delete any mapping

*Then go to your blog settings, republish your blog back to your custom domain URL and then test it will be successfully work.

 It helps me so much, a big thank you to the blogger expert on blogger help forum and discussion for helping bloggers that has trouble on their blogs.

Novak Djokovic Winner of 2011 Australian Open

Congratulations Novak for winning the tennis tournament of Australian Open against Andy Murray of London with the score of 6-4, 6-2, 6-3 on 3 seats.