Cyclone Yasi

Another devastating and tragic event was happened to Queensland. A Cyclone Yasi, an unpredictable weather that just blew the world’s nature and gives problem to the lives of many people. What a bad impact to Queensland people which causes many damages on business establishment, houses and even in danger the lives of the people living there.

I heard thousand of soldiers, polices and emergency workers has been sent to help the state condition. The Cyclone Yasi hit last Wednesday there are heavy rains and flash flood on most areas and no power for how many thousands homes and residents were staying on evacuation center. What an unfortunate and hard situation they are now, hope everything will be fine and they won’t feel hopeless in experiencing the calamity.

There are a few mum’s who gave birth to a miracle baby that was born one the center, imagine how difficult it is to labor on uncomfortable place but thanks God, the family where so grateful and lucky the baby was delivered alive, safe and healthy. One parent's told they will give a nickname Yasi to the new borb baby, only when she's naughty.