Gran Torino

We just finished watching gran torino movie at home, it's a film last 2008 which we haven't watch yet. The main character and producer is Clint Eastwood.  I like the story, I thought I'll be bored watching because that's the choice of hubby when he went to video shop alone which I don't have any clue even it starts playing. My hubby said" just keep on watching and don't fall asleep, but as the movie continue I'm liking it, very touching and I can feel there is something more beautiful in the story as we continue watching. A drama, adventure and action movie.

The plot of the Gran Torino movie is about a korean war vet Walt Kowalski who is alienated by his family and angry at the world, a retired autoworker, a widowed man and live alone with his labrador retriever dog.Walt is man who doesn't like his neighbor next door, a Hmong migrants from South East Asia. Especially when he knows the young boy Thao attempt to steal his gran torino car in which was the first initiation to pass on a gang. Later on they become good friends with the young boy Thao and his sister. Walt, becomes the defender of his neighbor against the local gang that feed violence and fears. He died to protect and  save their lives from the gangster and on his written will he give his car to Thao.

The Gran Torino Car, everybody wants to ride on this car.