Breast Lumps

Last month while sleeping I unconsciously touch my right breast and I had felt a lump. I didn't mind but continue my sleep. Until the morning, I remember what happened while I was sleeping or if I’m just dreaming. So I feel my breast again and the lump was really there I’m a little bit worried and after a few hours I became paranoid. I really don’t feel my breast always before so I don’t know if the lump was there for a long time or just then.  I ask some friends and they said it’s normal only for women to have lumps because it just come and go especially on menstrual cycle. It was my cycle that month so I forget and ignore about it. 

A few days ago, I don’t know why I suddenly touch my breast and I feel the lump again. I was thinking maybe my monthly visitor is coming soon but why it was on the same spot again but I can feel it's moving but same shape, it’s like a pebble.  I became worried; I became a researcher online about breast lumps I have read many articles and seems like I don’t need to worry much, there are many kinds of lumps and most are benign lumps. But of course, I'm worried aren’t you? I think it's normal feeling if it happen to every woman. That's why always consult the doctor for best advice as soon as possible.

So the next day, I planned an appointment to see a doctor to have peace of mind and won’t bother the feeling of being worried. My friend from work recommend her doctor and accompanied on medical center for check up. It was nice of her to support me and cheer me up that everything will be fine. It’s just right to see a doctor if something happen like this.

I had my check up and the doctor did the examination she advice not to worry because it’s far from bad side effects. But in order to know clearly, she refer me to specialist for a mammogram and ultra-sound examination.

It says, 8 out of 10 lumps found in the breast are non-cancerous. I hope everything is alright with my health, it’s only my wealth.  So tomorrow is my schedule for mammogram and ultrasound, I’m scare and nervous but crossing my finger and praying to God that He will cast away all the negative feeling and give me healthy life  that everything is fine with the result.

I know God will guide me and always there for my safety and good health.