Mammogram and Ultrasound

The day I went for a  medical check up last week. I was examined by doctor and recommend me to a specialist on radiology center for a mammogram and ultra sound.

You may ask what mammogram is. That’s what I don’t know before until I had it done last Friday. It’s a diagnostic screening of how your breast looks like, it’s like an x-ray to take image of the breast or to detect a breast cancer early. It recognizes the kind of lump if it’s benign or malignant. Mostly it’s recommended for women start ages 40 but sometimes women who feel a lump on breast should always consult the doctor as soon as possible and make this kind of test. It’s not painful enough but uncomfortable feeling and takes a few seconds with  different angles of both breasts to screen.

After the mammogram, I had an ultra sound as my next step. It’s a scanning device on a screen to see clearly the tissue and organs inside the body. It produces the best image that are soft or filled with fluid and shows the formation of abnormal shape or lump in breast. Base on seeing the image the specialist will diagnose the  result and give advice what to do or  further more screening to take. It usually takes 10-15 minutes and it’s painless.

After getting the result and was explained by my doctor. No need for me to worry as it looks benign or a form of fibroadenoma which is non cancerous lump and common lumps for most women. But for further more I need another test to know what consist inside the lump.  So then, my doctor recommends me to another screening for a biopsy test which I also done today, but still waiting for result.

I'm just doing the right procedure and preventing bad effects on my health as per advice by friends, family and of course the doctor. That's why if something you may feel wrong, don't ignore always consult the doctor.  I just keep on praying everything will be alright on my health always.