New Custom Domain URL successfully Redirect

I feel so relieve now, you know why? It’s been a few days I’m worrying what had happened to the new custom domain URL I've purchased from blogger. Usually it redirects automatically after 48 hours but thinking its 1 week now still it was not redirected, I wonder why. I was billed on my credit card for the purchase at the same time I've received confirmation email that new URL was successfully registered.
Today, whole morning I was browsing on blogger help forum and discussion. I also make query about my site problem and looking for a possible solution. As I type my problem on blogger help search engine, I found result of related topics of some bloggers that has same problem as mine. They were as hopeless and upset as they don’t know how to recover the new domain, I was reading frustrating message they wrote. I feel sad too because I'm thinking I can't resolve of my own. As I kept reading the discussions question and answer regarding the same issue, there I find the solution. But I don’t know if it’s applicable to my blog URL settings. There are many instructions how to recover and it needs signing in on googles application control panel. It gives me headache, huh as I don’t’ often use that application if I remember I open it once only which now I forgot my username and password. My luck that I forgot both of them, but no pain, no gain, after all my brain is tired of understanding and reading most of the troubleshooting problem on blogger help articles that helps my account recover.
Now, I feel happy and have peace of mind thinking that my new domain URL is activated and successfully working.

To some blogger who purchase a new domain URL on their blog and it don’t redirect for a few days, here is some helpful tips, I’ve discovered and based on experience it works to redirect and publish successfully your new domain URL.

It’s very simple steps to follow:

*Open Google Apps control panel account, Sign-In (Click Sites Menu)

*On the Sites Settings page, select the Web address mapping tab.

then delete any mapping

*Then go to your blog settings, republish your blog back to your custom domain URL and then test it will be successfully work.

 It helps me so much, a big thank you to the blogger expert on blogger help forum and discussion for helping bloggers that has trouble on their blogs.