Pokies Addict

Last night was the night for how many months I thought of visiting my neighborhood around the corner. The gaming pub with pokies machine lol. It's not a healthy lifestyle if you always loss and make it as a habit, not tolerable hobby. I remember ages ago when I was new I become addicted that I go to the pub many times a week because it's very close or can be walking distance hehehe not now because I know how to control and it's not very good hobby to keep  on doing. But guess what? it can be a stress reliever or an outlet to spare a private moment of your own, but be careful only.

I feel bored only when I thought of going last night around 7pm. My hubby don't like me doing that because he don't like gambling, but sometimes with not much friend around, he permits me and just advice not to spend much. But last night I think I miss playing so much  I did almost win but then return back to the machine. So in the end, I was loss grrr, I felt bad though but it makes me feel happy on some point.  When I loss I regret sometimes, I said to myself I better go shopping or buy anything. I need a poke on my head hehe.

Next time I will play only with the amount of money I need to spend and with time limit so win or loss, I really need to go back home. That's what my rules now If ever I play again, just a friendly advice to everyone as well I think that's the best way to entertain and enjoy playing pokies making a rules on a limit of money and time.