Dog Exhibition

The update photos of Billy my PIL baby, he is a big boy now and growing so quick. He is very smart and intelligent dog. John loves playing with him always.

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We are Family

These are the photos taken during my holiday in Philippines. I've mentioned before my grandma died while I was on my vacation.  It's sad but it's the perfect time of my holiday to see grandma for the last time and plus it's the fantastic holiday I've spent being with the whole family and relatives from other places. 

These photos were taken after a day of grandma's burial. We had a couple of family outing and swimming, this one was on the private resort of a family friend. It has a pool, rest house and a beautiful view overlooking the beach. If you see the size of the pool looks like it can't accommodate our big family (lol).  It was really fun moment to have a good bonding with my family, we can drink alcohol together, joke with each other even to an elderly family member. The best part of gathering also was reminiscing all the past experiences when we were kids. I have the best family ever, even sometimes there are some misunderstanding and conflict with one another still we are there for each other especially on the tough times.  

Have a minute of watching our family photos, it's only a few family member of our clan who were present.

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127 hours movie

My hubby likes to collects blu-ray movies, if there are some special in the video shop he often buy 1 or 2 movies. He was keen to documentary movie lately as I’ve noticed some nights before we've been watching about documentary, one of them was 127 hours. I’ve seen it on the news on TV regarding the accident how many months ago, but now on movie was the detailed story.

This movie was released last year October 2010.  It was based on a true story of a man who loves to adventure, wall climbing and hiking alone. One day he went for a climb on Canyon National Park and unfortunately trapped his arm on a big rock while he was climbing a narrow wall. The rock is massive that he can’t move it with all his strength.  He tried many things but he is hopeless until he thinks of cutting his arm but the knife is not sharp enough to even cut the skin of his arm.  He had spent 5 days and some hours with not much food and only less than a liter bottle of water. He had no choice but to drink his urine when he runs out of water. He video himself being so desperate of his situation and thinking he won’t survive anymore. Until he gathers enough force to break his forearm bone which was the last resort that he can get out of the canyon wall.  He was succeeded but blood is everywhere, he left the place with no right arm but alive. He got lucky he found some people hiking while walking on the dessert park, he was rescued and survived.  

That was an inspiring and breathtaking movie and I bet he learns so many things about his life in the past after the tragedy. Now he lives happily, married with a kid.

Here is a video of full trailer of the movie.

Blackforest cake

Craving? A slice is enough for you.

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The Killer Look

This photo was taken last Thursday afternoon on my work place stairs while one of the customer left and tied him on the pole to buy fish inside the shop, while me on the other hand was relieving another staff on the cashier located near the entrance door.  As it was not very busy I had a glance on the door and saw this gorgeous fella looking at me with his eyes shows like this in the photo below. He looks vicious but he is harmless when I saw a family customer coming who patted him and have quick play. I can't take another shot because it's obvious and my boss will notice I secretly have my phone with me and I'm not paying attention with my I'm naughty..

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Mini Pavlova Cake

It was last week of June when a good friend from work treat me a coffee and dessert on Michelle Coffee Shop beside our work place. How nice she was to show me the kindness and generous heart towards me. It was really appreciated and my pleasure to be a friend of her. 

Mini Pavlova cake with Kiwi, Strawberry and I think it's an apple toppings. So yummy, wanna try it?

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Postponed Car yard visit

Last night, I told my hubby if we could start doing car yard visit in some part of Adelaide sothat we have many options and comparisons of the prices and different types of hatchback cars as we keep on searching.  And we agreed to that.

But today, early in the morning my hubby got an important call from his work regarding to an incident that was happened last night which need his appearance to report on the office.  So annoying our plan was cancelled.  After he left I then go back to sleep and was up 11am. I was thinking what to do today as the plan was postponed.  I ring my girl friend Donna just trying if she is available to accompany me to the car yard where I wanted to visit.  She was on a family bonding this morning and not sure what she’ll do in the afternoon yet.  She called me back to let me know that she can accompany me for a few hours only as she needs to go back home to take her daughter to an ice skating arena later in the afternoon. I told her no need to be pressured today if she can’t make it beside I realized it was raining outside when I look at the window. She really insisted to go out not on car yard but even in the mall for a coffee or window shopping. We did met each other in the end and have our moments together, I also tagged along on their house. We watch The Filipino Channel on tv, we had some bites of pizza for dinner and a long chat as always of any topic.

it was home time for me, so I call my hubby to pick me and we went home a bit late in the evening.  It was a nice weekend to have some quality time on such a very good friend of mine.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend

Change of Routine

My permanent roster from work was changed after I came back from my holiday, it was changed from night to day shift which is more favorable to me beside that's what I've been asking to my manager before if ever there would changes in the future.  I’m still adjusting the early morning wake up as I start 6am on some days. It's winter as well so cold in the morning and sometimes its raining when I go to work.

I don’t mind waking up early and finish 1pm. Only a day I finish at 8pm it's not too bad at all, rather than go home late at night most of the week.  I’m still coping with my new routine and planning what to do after work. I was thinking of catching up some friends every other time, I can prepare dinner and practice more cooking as well as I had the chance daily to maintain the cleanliness at home. It seems like a good way of living, an active person doing something on her spare time. Of course online is unforgettable there is always time for 

My time management during my night shift was very poor, I slept past midnight always, no chance to have bonding with hubby or dinner together, I wake up late and that's only to prepare going to work in the afternoon, if there is some days I woke up early that's it if I want run some important matter.

Hope everything will flow according to its purpose and for a better plan in my life.

Mag-aso Falls Mountain Resort, Kabankalan City

A brief description of  Mag-aso Falls Mountain Resort in Brgy. Oringao, Kabankalan City. It is one the major attractions of the Mag-aso resort are its mini-falls and the 75-foot main falls that drop into a clear pool. Mag-aso Falls releases smoke like shower of mist  drops the natural pool with its clear green water. It's now well-developed and is getting popular around the city and even one of the tourist spot now that many guest were trying to visit from any places. The resort now has a viewing deck, a swimming pool for kids and adult can swim as well, has private room to accommodate overnight  guest for better relaxation and wander around the beautiful scenery of the natures resort.

When I was on my holiday last May, we went there together with my Mom, Aunts, cousins and a good friend came from US.  Unfortunately, I don't expect we won't stay there very long, all I do is just wander around and took some photos, I don't have the chance to swim though but then was feel overwhelmed to cherish the views and beauty of the resort. My first visit here was last 2005 with all my family and relatives. It was different and not develop yet, now how amazing and brilliant views of the mountain resort, to share with you are some photos I'd took while I was there. 

The Falls
As you get inside the resort you're approaching the swimming pool

The Toilet, on the left side of pool
Stairs for a trail to go up and down for a look out of the falls

A small lake and mini falls with lily flowers
Man-made bridge
Swimming pool with natural falls water
The front view of the resort, my bad I forgot to take photo of the main entrance just on the side with Mag-aso Falls writing background.

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