127 hours movie

My hubby likes to collects blu-ray movies, if there are some special in the video shop he often buy 1 or 2 movies. He was keen to documentary movie lately as I’ve noticed some nights before we've been watching about documentary, one of them was 127 hours. I’ve seen it on the news on TV regarding the accident how many months ago, but now on movie was the detailed story.

This movie was released last year October 2010.  It was based on a true story of a man who loves to adventure, wall climbing and hiking alone. One day he went for a climb on Canyon National Park and unfortunately trapped his arm on a big rock while he was climbing a narrow wall. The rock is massive that he can’t move it with all his strength.  He tried many things but he is hopeless until he thinks of cutting his arm but the knife is not sharp enough to even cut the skin of his arm.  He had spent 5 days and some hours with not much food and only less than a liter bottle of water. He had no choice but to drink his urine when he runs out of water. He video himself being so desperate of his situation and thinking he won’t survive anymore. Until he gathers enough force to break his forearm bone which was the last resort that he can get out of the canyon wall.  He was succeeded but blood is everywhere, he left the place with no right arm but alive. He got lucky he found some people hiking while walking on the dessert park, he was rescued and survived.  

That was an inspiring and breathtaking movie and I bet he learns so many things about his life in the past after the tragedy. Now he lives happily, married with a kid.

Here is a video of full trailer of the movie.