Change of Routine

My permanent roster from work was changed after I came back from my holiday, it was changed from night to day shift which is more favorable to me beside that's what I've been asking to my manager before if ever there would changes in the future.  I’m still adjusting the early morning wake up as I start 6am on some days. It's winter as well so cold in the morning and sometimes its raining when I go to work.

I don’t mind waking up early and finish 1pm. Only a day I finish at 8pm it's not too bad at all, rather than go home late at night most of the week.  I’m still coping with my new routine and planning what to do after work. I was thinking of catching up some friends every other time, I can prepare dinner and practice more cooking as well as I had the chance daily to maintain the cleanliness at home. It seems like a good way of living, an active person doing something on her spare time. Of course online is unforgettable there is always time for 

My time management during my night shift was very poor, I slept past midnight always, no chance to have bonding with hubby or dinner together, I wake up late and that's only to prepare going to work in the afternoon, if there is some days I woke up early that's it if I want run some important matter.

Hope everything will flow according to its purpose and for a better plan in my life.