Philippine Holiday

Last 2 months ago, I had a fantastic holiday in the Philippines with my family, relatives and friends.  It was a surprise vacation; I had only noticed my parents two days before my flight schedule.  They’re very excited and even can’t wait till the day I’m arriving, how they’ve missed me so much and of course I do as well. 

The sad part, our grandma died while I was there, but then lucky to be there on her last days and I still saw her before she passed away.  The best part as well as I had also the chance to meet all relatives from different places, bonding with my parents, dearest cousins, aunts and uncles were the unforgettable moments of my vacation.

I've spent a month there but after two weeks of stay it seems the days were getting so fast until I know it’s the day I need to go back in Adelaide.  I was then lucky make the most of my remaining days to catch up everyone and all my friends from different connections which I haven’t had the chance to meet during my first vacation. I really had enjoyed spending quality time, sharing laughs and reminiscing old time memories during childhood, high school life and our past silly experiences.  

I even think of not coming back because I know I’ll be backed to reality again of work only, away from family and real friends. But well, life is different now I need to cope up with the life I have here in Australia.

It’s almost 3 weeks now since I came back; my life is doing quiet well. Now, I’m happy to be backed at work with a warm love and welcome of my colleagues and the joy of working with them makes me feel good. 

My aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews and nieces

Mama, Papa, RJ and Angel

My parents, brother and nephew (Angel)

My best cousin

Rivera Family

Batch 94'

Batch 94' again