Postponed Car yard visit

Last night, I told my hubby if we could start doing car yard visit in some part of Adelaide sothat we have many options and comparisons of the prices and different types of hatchback cars as we keep on searching.  And we agreed to that.

But today, early in the morning my hubby got an important call from his work regarding to an incident that was happened last night which need his appearance to report on the office.  So annoying our plan was cancelled.  After he left I then go back to sleep and was up 11am. I was thinking what to do today as the plan was postponed.  I ring my girl friend Donna just trying if she is available to accompany me to the car yard where I wanted to visit.  She was on a family bonding this morning and not sure what she’ll do in the afternoon yet.  She called me back to let me know that she can accompany me for a few hours only as she needs to go back home to take her daughter to an ice skating arena later in the afternoon. I told her no need to be pressured today if she can’t make it beside I realized it was raining outside when I look at the window. She really insisted to go out not on car yard but even in the mall for a coffee or window shopping. We did met each other in the end and have our moments together, I also tagged along on their house. We watch The Filipino Channel on tv, we had some bites of pizza for dinner and a long chat as always of any topic.

it was home time for me, so I call my hubby to pick me and we went home a bit late in the evening.  It was a nice weekend to have some quality time on such a very good friend of mine.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend