We are Family

These are the photos taken during my holiday in Philippines. I've mentioned before my grandma died while I was on my vacation.  It's sad but it's the perfect time of my holiday to see grandma for the last time and plus it's the fantastic holiday I've spent being with the whole family and relatives from other places. 

These photos were taken after a day of grandma's burial. We had a couple of family outing and swimming, this one was on the private resort of a family friend. It has a pool, rest house and a beautiful view overlooking the beach. If you see the size of the pool looks like it can't accommodate our big family (lol).  It was really fun moment to have a good bonding with my family, we can drink alcohol together, joke with each other even to an elderly family member. The best part of gathering also was reminiscing all the past experiences when we were kids. I have the best family ever, even sometimes there are some misunderstanding and conflict with one another still we are there for each other especially on the tough times.  

Have a minute of watching our family photos, it's only a few family member of our clan who were present.

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