Port Noarlunga Beach

Last Sunday we went to Noarlunga beach, it was a beautiful day were hubby and I spent our afternoon  beach hopping, as I can call it. Aside from Brighton and Glenelg Beach which I was over exposed of going, this new beach we had visited is a different one compare to the others. We'd driven passed here before but had no chance to get off the car and walk along the jetty bridge that has a 400 meters walk. In between the end of the jetty has a natural narrow reef that has a 1.6kilometers wide, that's according to the historical board information I've read before entering the jetty bridge. It was also the cleanest beach in Australia from 2009-2010, I just knew then I thought it was Glenelg beach. The beach and jetty bridge are the biggest attractions of visitors for a relaxing walk and fishing. The reefs were people like to explore there for scuba diving and snorkeling area.
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A man in the shed was drinking alone, what you think he is thinking?

400 meters walk to the jetty bridge

The photo from the end of the jetty viewing the local pubs and shops

The Reef

View from the left side of the jetty bridge
The pub, restaurant and cafe which almost finish to build and would be open soon

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Behind the Shadow

It was a bright sunny day today. This photo was taken on the footpath along Noarlanga beach road. I'm going to take photo of the flower but it was so bright because of the sun so I just thought of covering it with my shadow and start taking a snap for my entry Today's flower entry and MYM

Old Wagon

This photo was taken last Sunday during our visit on Handorf village, an old wagon display on a vacant lot. It must be very old that it's paint and writing are almost fading. The engrave writing if you can read says:

Old Handorf Village Market

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Red Light Camera

This evening I feel lazy to cook a dinner, I told my hubby we will buy take away food only.  We went to Nando’s to buy Portuguese grilled chicken, I really like the taste of their chicken especially the peri-peri sauce, but sometimes I'm not happy with their service, it's not 100% customer first lol.

Anyway, as we drive home and approach the traffic lights intersection with a red light camera on side road.  There’s a car in front of us that was caught on red light camera I thought it’s just lightning hehe but the camera flash, it means he drive through while the signal light was already stopped. Is he rushing? Who would it be? The rushing don't achieve anything, whoever he was I now feel pity, he surely get a fine it’s not cheap though, a 200-300 dollar he might pull out on this pocket next week for not paying attention on the traffic lights signal.

It reminds me that one needs to take care, pay attention and always remember the traffic intersection that has red light camera on the side road, and always take precaution.

Banana Muffin

 I had made muffin last week evening. This photo was taken the next morning before I'm gonna have my coffee and bite them for breakfast. 

Chicken Schnitzel

As hubby like to eat schnitzel, it becomes a habit that I'm liking it as well. Everytime we had dinner or lunch out, he always order Schnitzel if not chicken it's beef, he is very plain and simple. I've told him to try some other dishes to have different taste of food, it's like boring if always like that.(lol) He is getting better now to order a different meal if we happen to eat outside.

Ages before I use to make my own at home using the recipe I've found online. I always buy 2kg of breast fillets, slice them to schnitzel portion, roll on mix crumbs and put on the freezer for our supply. But now, I've discovered the taste of commercial chicken shcnitzel in the supermarket, they call it "Love Hearts" as you can see the shape of it in the photo above.  It's a good value and the flavor is just average compare to restaurant meal.  So now, I stop making my own chicken schnitzel since we had tried the nice taste of love hearts.

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The movie I had watched recently. An Australian adventure drama film based on triumphant true story of cave divers trapped inside the cave because of a storm.  Watch how they survive and what action they take to get out of the cave.

Backyard Tree

These photos were the trees in the backyard.  It's only during winter when all their leaves are falling but will grow back on a nice sunny weather on summer. 

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