Red Light Camera

This evening I feel lazy to cook a dinner, I told my hubby we will buy take away food only.  We went to Nando’s to buy Portuguese grilled chicken, I really like the taste of their chicken especially the peri-peri sauce, but sometimes I'm not happy with their service, it's not 100% customer first lol.

Anyway, as we drive home and approach the traffic lights intersection with a red light camera on side road.  There’s a car in front of us that was caught on red light camera I thought it’s just lightning hehe but the camera flash, it means he drive through while the signal light was already stopped. Is he rushing? Who would it be? The rushing don't achieve anything, whoever he was I now feel pity, he surely get a fine it’s not cheap though, a 200-300 dollar he might pull out on this pocket next week for not paying attention on the traffic lights signal.

It reminds me that one needs to take care, pay attention and always remember the traffic intersection that has red light camera on the side road, and always take precaution.