Viewing the Beach

We always drive along this place at the Brighton beach and often passed by on different designs of houses and amusing how lucky the people who in this house in front of the beach. How beautiful and relaxing it would be breathing the fresh air every morning and if nothing to do just over look the ocean and feel the wind blowing in your face.

Palm Tree

The palm tree at Brighton Beach

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Chicken bento

This day I had a catch up with my Indonesian friends in the city at Rundle Mall, we watch fashion parade and after we had lunch on a newly Japanese restaurant.  I had this chicken bento meal very filling as it has variety of stuff, crumbed prawn, prawn wrap on rice, fried rice, fried chicken strips, pickles, sea weeds which is lovely and I like it compare to other restaurant I've tried before and served with misu soup, had a fantastic meal.

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California Sushi

It seems like I'm into food these days, I like to eat sushi but I often buy the tuna flavor.  But when I was with my friend we order California sushi with different flavor in one box. It's nice but I still like my tuna flavor hehe.

Marinated Spanish Chorizo with olives

Since I came back from my holiday in the Philippines, I told my self to be sociable if possible. If my friends invites me to go out for dinner or have a girls night out, I'm going to enjoy myself with them. Not only work and home routine but I'll give time for my self to enjoy as much as I can while still young and healthy.  This photo was at Dublin hotel during our dinner and a snack while drinking.   We had this marinated spanish chorizo with olives, looks yummy and of course tastes so good with the spark of a little spicy flavor on it.

Roast Beef

This photo was taken when we had a night out in the city with my friend, we stop by at casino for s short while, had their special served dinner for a very affordable price.  For only $5.95 we had a nice meal of roast beef with veggies plus a drink together. How is that for that yummy tasty and delicious dinner.

Number 8

I like number 8, it's the important date of the month which I really treasure and the big event of my life.  I was married in 8th of the month, was born 1978,  and as well when I've got my first and second job in a coincidence maybe I was hired  in the 8th of the month. It's funny how it happened sometimes.  Got my new car two month ago with the rego plate no starts and ends with 8, how cool is that?

I become to like the number 8 since then, I had some stuff collections of 8 as well.and yes when my Indian friend at work lunch together on Nando's. We are assigned to a number 8 waiting for the food to be served to us.

The Couple Bonding

Last 2 weeks ago photo from Primo Cafe Restaurant at Semaphore beach. I  love this weekend bonding again, we only plan to cruise around the beach but we end up to dine-in, the food was superb, a huge meal for both of us. My Hubby had ordered chicken parmigiana while mine are seafoods, a crumbed garfish, calamari rings and crumbed prawns with chips and salad on the side. We had an extra meal to try for the first time the grilled steak skewer. The tummy of my hubby will add up another stretch mark eating all of this. lol

Elvis Presley

It was during my break time at work when I browse at the shop beside our work place, just to kill the remaining time I've left before going back to work.  I saw this push bike with a gorgeous dog sitting on a basket, I can't resist not to take a photo of him and so I did. After I took the photo someone pat my shoulder and pretend to scare me that I'm not allowed to take photo, telling me I need to pay 100 dollars (lol). I was nervous and apologize to him, he was the owner of the dog, he is just joking and introduce Elvis to me, the name of the dog. He is fanatic of Elvis Presley that's why he name the dog after him, even he opened his wallet and had showed me the picture of Elvis, hehehe he is funny.

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The Little Fishermen

At Port Noarlunga Jetty bridge, after we had our fun walking the 400 meters length of the bridge and took some interesting photos that I see, we went back to the shore and while going back I had some snap shot of this little boy and a young girl who maybe wants to learn and make fishing as their hobby when they grow as an adult.

I saw this mother and son bonding from a distance
How gorgeous is the little boy to have a small fishing rod with him to play. A yelllow color of the pram is a beautiful entry for MYM

The little girl carrying a red fishing rod and is ready for fishing, she was together with her dad.

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