Bottle Brush

I took these photos last weekend in front of a fish n chips shop just around the corner of our house.  Usually we only call for order and pick up when ready.  But last Saturday we don't think of buying but because we passed by on the shop we suddenly decide to get a barbecue chicken for dinner. We went back to the car after ordering and wait for 15 minutes to cook.  While waiting I told my hubby I'll cross the street quickly and take photo of the bottle brush tree. It's good because they're all blooming flowers at the moment so they look beautiful in the eye.

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Dog Shark

The young boy caught a dog shark while fishing on Port Noarlunga jetty bridge , he was going to return to the water maybe because there is a restriction onto what size of fish to catch.  We are walking back to the shore when I saw the unusual fish he is holding and there is a guy taking photo of it, I'm not sure if his friend or stranger like me. When he is almost going to throw in the water I quickly stop him and ask favor that I'm going to take a quick shot because it's my first time to see that kind of creatures in the water. The boy was very good and kind to let me take the photo but shy enough at camera that's why I think he  is holding the dog shark tail up to cover his face..

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Adelaide at night

This photo was last Sunday night when hubby and I visit his mum, they were living on uphill part of Adelaide just few minutes drive from our house too.  This is how Adelaide city looks like at night view the front yard of MIL house.

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Till we met again

Last two weeks ago I had a reunion with my Filipina friend, she's like a sister, an adviser and sometimes a mum to me.  It's like half year I think I haven't had a communication with her to think we're not very far from each other.  When my mobile was broken I lost all my contact numbers and I haven't passed by on their house or shop as it was always out of my way and I will really make it on purpose to visit her, but I never give a chance on it, I was side track to other stuff. I was thinking she is busy on her family business and she's not home often so it's like I've forgotten to keep in touch with her with that silly reason, of course in my thought I sometimes mention about her to my husband that I haven't seen or heard about Lanie, my friend. 

 She told me she rang me a few times but I didn't receive any phone calls from her, maybe a glitch on my phone or what. Until one day I got her voice mail message while I'm working, but her number didn't appear.  Lucky there is facebook so I try to search their business page as I know she don't use computer often, so I got connection to her husband firs. She was worried about me for not keeping in touch in such a long time.  I was doing volunteer work on  her pasta shop before and we became really good friends with her family as well.  She even told her husband to visit the supermarket where I work but not a good chance always when they went for grocery it's evening thinking before I work before at night time but it change.  So they become more worried not seeing me even in my work place, I was so touched when they told me the story even I had a chat with her husband of how worried they are especially his wife.

At least we had catch up again last public holiday when I was totally free and she is not busy in the shop. So lucky to be blessed with real friends here in Adelaide.

Ham Off the Bone

Last night, I run out of milk at home so hubby and I rush to buy something at the supermarket.  I've passed by into Deli section and I saw the ham off the bone that was arranged so beautiful with orange and berries toppings. Even I'm rushing I've stopped on that section, lucky only one customer is buying so I had a chance with the nice view of the ham, I just buy chicken fillets just to get a quick snap on the arrangement and to have a longer time to stay and as if browsing for 

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Sumo Wrestling

I've got these photos at Glenelg beach, one of the outdoor activities of Beach House recreation center for children. We are about to go home this time when I saw the fun sumo wrestling of two girls, they are sisters I think looking at the parents and other siblings or cousins watching and cheering them. I told my hubby let's stop for a while coz I'm going to take photos as always using my mobile, it can be very handy this days wherever I am. Me, just standing a little bit further under the tree while taking photos and having giggles looking at them wrestling. 

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Collie Dog

I saw this dog when we had our lunch out in Primo Restaurant at Semaphore, the owner of the dog and some friends of her were also eating but on the outside table. As I don't know most of the breeding of dogs so I've asked him what it is." My hubby told", it's a collie breeding of dog and he also told me there is one popular dog called lassie that is very similar image to the collie dog. I was lucky to capture this position when the dog suddenly stand up and had this whole body side view for my shot.

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Fire Tower

These photos was a Mt. Lofty Fire tower, as always if no current photos, the archive was the last resources  to find something.  It was a gloomy day, taken last 2006, the fire tower is 34m sitting at the top of Mt. Lofty on Adelaide Hills. The purpose of the tower is to spot fires around Adelaide hills and inform the local Country fire service to direct the volunteers where the fire is. Adelaide Hills are covered with trees and there is potential that fire may exist anytime as what happened before and is very dangerous to local residents. The famous one is during Ash Wednesday bush fire which kills many people.

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Tonight, I've missed a call from a friend.  I've received a voice mail though, it was the husband of my friend who left the message, I was surprised he called me. I don't know why, I thought he wants to buy my old car (lol) but as I was listening to the voice message, he was worried about the friendship of  his wife and myself thinking we don't get along very well now a days with each other and because it's been almost a week that we don't catch up  or I don't visit his wife. He was not used I think of my absence and annoyance to pull out his wife to go somewhere sometimes hehehe. He is very nice guy and it's ok to him if I always visit them with a quick notice only.

Since she arrived her in Adelaide as a tourist last July I used to visit her like 3 times a week at her husband car repair shop, just talking silly and had shared giggles lucky we get along very well and become good friends. The usual things we do is the never ending chat of anything, go to the nearest coffee shop or a drive somewhere interesting. But not this week, even though I don't catch up with her in person still we chat a tiny bit on facebook. I was so busy this week with work and had some early starts on most days in a week. Before I've received the call, I'm planning to ring his wife tomorrow to catch and I'll visit her as I only have short hours so I have enough time to visit her and stay for a while.

I just admire the thoughtfulness and kindness of her husband towards our friendship. Don't worry everything is alright.

Our photo together (on the right is my dear friend Joan) when we hang out on Glenelg Beach


Usually when we buy something from fish and chips shop we dine-in but this time we only buy chips to take away, I was thinking they're using butcher paper as every one does to wrap the chips but this shop they're putting it on a plastic cup. I'm liking the fruits design on the cup, it's different.

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To All OFW's around the World

I've read this article onmy sister's wall in facebook that was shared by a her friend, the life of OFW has experienced around the world.


Sa may asawa, kapatid, anak, kaibigan, at kamag-anak na OFW.
At lalo na sa mga gustong mangibang-bansa...
Nais ko rin ibahagi sa inyo, ang natanggap kong email na ito.
Maaaring makatulong ito upang lalong maintindihan ng bawa't isa ang tunay na ibig sabihin ng pagiging isang OFW (Isa ako sa milyun-milyong kababayan natin). Tiyak na may mapupulot tayong aral dito.

Hindi mayaman ang OFW - We have this notion na 'pag OFW o nasa abroad ay mayaman na. Hindi totoo yun. A regular OFW might earn from P20K-P30K per month depende sa lokasyon. Yung mga taga-Saudi or US siguro ay mas malaki ang sweldo, but to say that they're rich is a fallacy (Amen!).
Malaki ang pangangailangan kaya karamihan sa amin ay nag-a-abroad. Maraming bunganga ang kailangang pakainin kaya umaalis kami sa Pinas. Madalas, 3/4 o kalahati ng sweldo ay napupunta sa tuition ng anak at gastusin ng pamilya.

Mahirap maging OFW - Kailangan namin magtipid hangga't kaya. Oo, masarap ang pagkain sa abroad pero madalas na paksiw o adobo (hindi kc agad nasisira ito) at itlog lang tinitira para makaipon. Pagdating ng kinsenas o katapusan, ang unang tinitingnan eh ang conversion ng peso sa dollar o rial o euro. Mas okay na kami na lang ang magutom kaysa gutumin ang pamilya.

Kapag umuuwi kami, kailangan may baon/pasalubong kahit konti, kasi maraming kamag-anak ang sumusundo sa airport o naghihintay sa probinsya. Alam nyo naman 'pag Pinoy, yung tsismis na OFW ka eh surely attracts a lot of kin. Kapag hindi mo nabigyan ng pasalubong eh magtatampo na yun at sisiraan ka na.

Well, hindi naman lahat pero I'm sure sa mga OFW dito eh may mga pangyayaring ganun.

Magtatrabaho ka sa bansang iba ang tingin at trato sa gaya nating mga Pinoy, kahit na masipag at mas may utak tayo kaysa sa kanila. Malamang marami ang naka-experience na nang pang-gugulang o discrimination to their various workplaces. Sige lang, tiis lang, iiiyak na lang namin kasi kawawa naman pamilya 'pag umuwi kami sa pinas.

Besides, wala ka naman talagang maasahang trabaho sa Philippines ngayon. Mahal ang bigas, ang gatas, ang sardinas, ang upa sa apartment. Tiis lang kahit maraming pasaway sa trabaho, kahit may sakit at walang nag-aalaga, kahit hindi masarap ang tsibog, kahit pangit ang working conditions, kahit delikado, kahit mahirap. Kapag nakapag-padala na kami, okay na yun, tawag lang, "hello! kumusta na kayo?".

Hindi bato kaming mga OFW - Tao rin ang OFW, hindi kami money o cash machine. Napapagod rin, nalulungkot (madalas), nagkakasakit (na-endoscopy ako), nag-iisip (nakapag-adjust na) at nagugutom (palagi). Kailangan din ang suporta, kundi man physically, emotionally o spiritually (especially ito) man lang.

Tumatanda rin kaming mga OFW - Sa mga nakausap at nakita ko, marami ang panot at kalbo na. Most of them have signs and symptoms of hypertension, coronary artery disease and arthritis. Yet, they continue to work thinking about the family they left behind.

Marami ang nasa abroad, 20-30 years na, pero wala pa ring ipon. Kahit anong pagpapakahirap, sablay pa rin. Masakit pa kung olats rin ang sinusuportahang pamilya sa Pinas - ang anak adik o nabuntis/nakabuntis; ang asawa/gf/bf may kinakasamang iba; ang kapatid nakuntento na lang na umasa at tumambay. Naalala ko tuloy ang sikat na kanta dati, "NAPAKASAKIT KUYA EDDIE!"

Bayani kaming mga OFW - Totoo yun! Ngayon ko lang na-realize na bayani ang OFW sa maraming bagay. Hindi bayani na tulad ni Nora Aunor o Flor Contemplacion. Bayani in the truest sense of the word. Hindi katulad ni Rizal o Bonifacio na kalayaan ang ipinaglaban. Mas higit pa dun, mas maraming giyera at gulo ang pinapasok ng OFW para lang mabuhay.

Mas maraming pulitika ang kailangang suungin para lang tumagal sa trabaho lalo na't parang mga ahas at parang mga amag ang mga kasama sa trabaho. Mas mahaba ang pasensya namin kaysa sa mga ordinaryong kongresista o senador sa Philippines dahil sa takot namin na mawalan ng trabaho at sweldo.

Matindi kaming mga OFW - Matindi ang pinoy. Matindi pa sa daga, o cockroaches which survived the cataclysmic evolution.

Maraming sakripisyo pero walang makitang tangible solutions or consequences.

Malas naming mga OFW, swerte ng mga buwayang pulitiko - Hindi umuupo ang OFW para magbigay ng autograph o interbyuhin ng media (unless nakidnap o na-maltrato). Madalas nasa sidelines lang ang OFW.

Kapag lilisan ng bansa, malungkot and on the verge of tears; Kapag dumadating, swerte 'pag may sundo (madalas naman meron); Kapag naubos na ang ipon at wala nang maibigay, wala na rin ang kamag-anak. Sana sikat kaming mga OFW para may boses kami sa Kamara.

Ang swerte ng mga buwayang pulitiko nakaupo lang sila at ginagastusan ng pera ng Filipino. Hindi nga sila naiinitan ng matinding araw o napapaso ng langis; napagagalitan at nasasampal ng amo; kumakain ng paksiw para makatipid; nakatira sa compound with conditions less than favorable; nakikisama sa ibang lahi para mabuhay. Ang swerte ninyong mga buwayang pulitiko kayo, sobrang swerte ninyo.

Matatag kaming mga OFW - Matatag ang OFW, mas matatag pa sa sundalo o kung ano pang grupo na alam nyo. Magaling sa reverse psychology, negotiations at counter-attacks.

Tatagal ba ang OFW? - Tatagal at dadami pa kami hangga't hindi pa natin alam kung kailan magbabago ang Philippines , kailan nga kaya?... o may tsansa pa ba?

Masarap isipin na kasama mo ang pamilya mo araw-araw. Nakikita mo mga anak mong lumalaki at naaalagaan ng maayos na kasama ka.

Masarap kumain ng sitaw, ng bagoong, lechon, inihaw na isda, taba ng talangka.

Masarap manood ng pelikulang Pinoy, luma man o bago.

Iba pa rin ang pakiramdam kung kilala mo at nakakakuwenttuhan mo ang kapitbahay mo. Iba pa rin sa Philippines; iba pa rin kapag Pinoy ang kasama mo except ('pag hambog at utak-talangka); Iba pa rin 'pag nagkukwento ka at naiintindihan ng iba ang sinasabi mo; Iba pa rin ang tunog ng "mahal kita!", "day, ginahigugma tika"," "Mingaw na ko nimo ba, kalagot!", " Inday, diin ka na subong haw? ganahan guid ko simo ba".

Iba pa rin talaga.

Sige lang, tiis lang, saan ba't darating din ang pag-asa.

Kung may kamag-anak kang OFW mapalad ka at wala ka d2 sa kinalalagyan namin at anjan ka kasama mo ang mga mahal mo sa buhay.

Kung OFW ka at binabasa mo ito, mabuhay ka dahil ikaw ang tunay na BAYANI ng lahing PILIPINO!!! SALUDO kmi sayo kapatid!

Together Forever

The photo was somewhere on the other part of Noarlunga Beach, we saw a nice relaxing look out so we stop over and take some photos, what a beautiful place out there overlooking and viewing the lovely water and some buildings, residential and holiday unit that surround the place.

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Leche Flan/Egg Custard with Caramelize syrup

These are my photos when I made Leche Plan dessert at home, I'm not really talented in cooking dishes or desserts but this is my labor of love through the making. It's a few times I've made this but I forgot to take photos only hehe or maybe they don't look good very well that time. Now it looks fine so I've decided to share this to you.


1 can condense milk
1 can evaporated milk/ or for me I use my fresh milk in the cartoon (1 cup only), it taste the same.
1 dozen eggs (use the egg yolks only)
1/2 cup white sugar for making syrup
1 spoon of vanilla syrup

Instruction to make: or this is how I make it
Making syrup.
*Put the half cup sugar on a small casserole while continuously stirring until it melts and turn into golden brown
*When ready put all over the pan and after that's when you pour the combined mixed ingredients below.

1. Combine egg yolks, 1 can condensed milk, evaporated milk and vanilla syrup, mixed them together as shown on first photo.
2. Put them on round oven proof pan or dish for steaming, cover with foil wrapper
3. Wait until 1 hour to cook then it's ready, put on the fridge to serve cold.

Mixing together, egg, milk and vanilla

Caramelized syrup

Ready for  an hour steaming

The result 

A slice for you only.


This is the new song my hubby and I like to listen recently, it's kind of sad song but we like it and her video clip, also the expressions and emotions showing on her face as she sing the Skyscraper song, she's just amazing. If you haven't watched this song please take a few minutes of your time to listen, hope you like it too.

 Demi Levato (Singer)

Itchy face

It’s been a while since I have skin irritation on my face.  I often wake up with some scratches on my face and under my chin. I don’t know what I am doing when I’m sleeping hehe, I knew I have on and off allergy and I think it would be the reason why.  A few years ago I was tested to have an allergy on dust mites and I’m aware of it. We all know dust or dust mites are everywhere, especially around the house on beddings and carpet floors.  Sometimes I think of many reason of my face itchiness, it can be due to climate change, stress, some allergic foods that I’ve eaten, the foundation and make up I’ve used and the facial cleanser and moisturizer I was currently using. Hmmm, it’s very hard to face if your problem is your face hahaha.  

The other day I thought of going to the doctor to ask for a referral to go to dermatologist, sothat I will know what’s the proper cleanser I’ll use and what recommended make-up brand to wear that woudn’t irritate my face.  As I was talking to the doctor, of course I told her the history of having an allergy and the different facial product I’ve used long time ago and the current one.  She then recommend to me to use Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer because it’s dermatologist recommended for all skin types especially to my sensitive skin. At the moment the doctor told me not to use make-up on my face or foundation. I’ve started using it a few days ago and it seems doing fine I’m still observing the better result and hope my face won’t feel itchy and irritate easily often.  She also gave me a referral letter on Dermatologist but I haven’t make a booking yet, I’ll just see how I go with the new cleanser and moisturizer and hopefully make an appointment very soon.


A day at the beach, I saw this dog together with a partner eating fish and chips.  The dog was so behave and patiently waiting to be feed by them, must be hungry enough from a walk.  A nice treat for him and a lovely day to take him out for a good walk.

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Scuba Divers

We are standing at the end of the jetty bridge at Noarlunga Beach when some people suddenly look down what’s going on the water.  I was curious and take a good look as well, the water is bubbling for no reason but slowly I saw a slight image of oxygen tank and realizes it was the divers who are almost finish their fun underwater and is up to rest themselves on the natural reef.

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Unique Design

These photo were taken a month or so ago somewhere along Noarlunga Beach, Adelaide. I was really amazed on the artistic design of the photo.  Can you guess what the first photo looks like by just one look?

The photo was a public toilet, the first photo was the front view and the second was the back view and the entry door for female and male on both sides of the toilet.I can't move backward taking the back toilet because there is a fence/rail bar which leads a walking trail going down the front beach.

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