Itchy face

It’s been a while since I have skin irritation on my face.  I often wake up with some scratches on my face and under my chin. I don’t know what I am doing when I’m sleeping hehe, I knew I have on and off allergy and I think it would be the reason why.  A few years ago I was tested to have an allergy on dust mites and I’m aware of it. We all know dust or dust mites are everywhere, especially around the house on beddings and carpet floors.  Sometimes I think of many reason of my face itchiness, it can be due to climate change, stress, some allergic foods that I’ve eaten, the foundation and make up I’ve used and the facial cleanser and moisturizer I was currently using. Hmmm, it’s very hard to face if your problem is your face hahaha.  

The other day I thought of going to the doctor to ask for a referral to go to dermatologist, sothat I will know what’s the proper cleanser I’ll use and what recommended make-up brand to wear that woudn’t irritate my face.  As I was talking to the doctor, of course I told her the history of having an allergy and the different facial product I’ve used long time ago and the current one.  She then recommend to me to use Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer because it’s dermatologist recommended for all skin types especially to my sensitive skin. At the moment the doctor told me not to use make-up on my face or foundation. I’ve started using it a few days ago and it seems doing fine I’m still observing the better result and hope my face won’t feel itchy and irritate easily often.  She also gave me a referral letter on Dermatologist but I haven’t make a booking yet, I’ll just see how I go with the new cleanser and moisturizer and hopefully make an appointment very soon.