Leche Flan/Egg Custard with Caramelize syrup

These are my photos when I made Leche Plan dessert at home, I'm not really talented in cooking dishes or desserts but this is my labor of love through the making. It's a few times I've made this but I forgot to take photos only hehe or maybe they don't look good very well that time. Now it looks fine so I've decided to share this to you.


1 can condense milk
1 can evaporated milk/ or for me I use my fresh milk in the cartoon (1 cup only), it taste the same.
1 dozen eggs (use the egg yolks only)
1/2 cup white sugar for making syrup
1 spoon of vanilla syrup

Instruction to make: or this is how I make it
Making syrup.
*Put the half cup sugar on a small casserole while continuously stirring until it melts and turn into golden brown
*When ready put all over the pan and after that's when you pour the combined mixed ingredients below.

1. Combine egg yolks, 1 can condensed milk, evaporated milk and vanilla syrup, mixed them together as shown on first photo.
2. Put them on round oven proof pan or dish for steaming, cover with foil wrapper
3. Wait until 1 hour to cook then it's ready, put on the fridge to serve cold.

Mixing together, egg, milk and vanilla

Caramelized syrup

Ready for  an hour steaming

The result 

A slice for you only.