Till we met again

Last two weeks ago I had a reunion with my Filipina friend, she's like a sister, an adviser and sometimes a mum to me.  It's like half year I think I haven't had a communication with her to think we're not very far from each other.  When my mobile was broken I lost all my contact numbers and I haven't passed by on their house or shop as it was always out of my way and I will really make it on purpose to visit her, but I never give a chance on it, I was side track to other stuff. I was thinking she is busy on her family business and she's not home often so it's like I've forgotten to keep in touch with her with that silly reason, of course in my thought I sometimes mention about her to my husband that I haven't seen or heard about Lanie, my friend. 

 She told me she rang me a few times but I didn't receive any phone calls from her, maybe a glitch on my phone or what. Until one day I got her voice mail message while I'm working, but her number didn't appear.  Lucky there is facebook so I try to search their business page as I know she don't use computer often, so I got connection to her husband firs. She was worried about me for not keeping in touch in such a long time.  I was doing volunteer work on  her pasta shop before and we became really good friends with her family as well.  She even told her husband to visit the supermarket where I work but not a good chance always when they went for grocery it's evening thinking before I work before at night time but it change.  So they become more worried not seeing me even in my work place, I was so touched when they told me the story even I had a chat with her husband of how worried they are especially his wife.

At least we had catch up again last public holiday when I was totally free and she is not busy in the shop. So lucky to be blessed with real friends here in Adelaide.