Tonight, I've missed a call from a friend.  I've received a voice mail though, it was the husband of my friend who left the message, I was surprised he called me. I don't know why, I thought he wants to buy my old car (lol) but as I was listening to the voice message, he was worried about the friendship of  his wife and myself thinking we don't get along very well now a days with each other and because it's been almost a week that we don't catch up  or I don't visit his wife. He was not used I think of my absence and annoyance to pull out his wife to go somewhere sometimes hehehe. He is very nice guy and it's ok to him if I always visit them with a quick notice only.

Since she arrived her in Adelaide as a tourist last July I used to visit her like 3 times a week at her husband car repair shop, just talking silly and had shared giggles lucky we get along very well and become good friends. The usual things we do is the never ending chat of anything, go to the nearest coffee shop or a drive somewhere interesting. But not this week, even though I don't catch up with her in person still we chat a tiny bit on facebook. I was so busy this week with work and had some early starts on most days in a week. Before I've received the call, I'm planning to ring his wife tomorrow to catch and I'll visit her as I only have short hours so I have enough time to visit her and stay for a while.

I just admire the thoughtfulness and kindness of her husband towards our friendship. Don't worry everything is alright.

Our photo together (on the right is my dear friend Joan) when we hang out on Glenelg Beach


  1. Pieces of Sunshine Says:

    Lovely to have a friend whose husband is so considerate towards your friendship. His wife must value your friendship greatly.

    Posted on October 21, 2011 at 9:56 AM