The Camping Caravan

My friend's family just recently bought a second hand camping caravan for their own use, especially because they love going out of town as her husband was always assigned there. Usually they've always going to country side for a weekend and he brought all his family for a weekend bonding after he finish work so they often stay on hotel or apartments. Imagine how expensive is that for having 6 members in the family, I know they can afford it but my friend said it's a good idea and practical they've finally decided to get a caravan. It really helps lesser the expenses  so anytime now if they feel like to pull over somewhere along the road to rest due for a long drive the caravan is convenient for them. 

The problem is they need a proper vehicle to tow the caravan, they use toyota tarago for towing before but they were advice not to use often because it's not a caravan recommended vehicle for towing. So what happen is, when they had re-painted the caravan  the painting company offers to sell the second hand 4 wheel drive to them. It's a good timing, the only thing they need to do when they've got the Jackaroo was to transfer, change or get the rv insurance of the vehicle to their name, but all is fine now.

Now they're enjoying the fun and convenient service of the caravan by going anywhere or relaxing somewhere with the whole family.