Jobs for You

Even though I'm currently employed sometimes there is a time when MIL dropped off the daily newspaper at home.  I only read them sometimes but If I feel like I usually browse the section of International news and Careers. I can still notice that there are so many jobs offer advertise and wonder why there are still many unemployed, they maybe lazy to search only. There is ads for Reception, Administration, Retail, Nursing, Accounting, Tradesmen and a lot more to search.   

I also had read around US and also here, now the most in demand is Network Administrator Jobs. That's the part of job I want to know and learn, having knowledge about networking, engineering and technical support. I should better study about this course hehe.  I really admire those people who had the skills, expertise and ability to fix and create programs on computer. They're genius.

Those who are qualify for this kind of job, this is for you.