Christmas Lunch

Last Saturday we had a Christmas lunch gathering with my two great friends. It's maybe our last catch up meeting with Donna till the end of the year as she is going to spend their New Year at Sydney. Also maybe my other friend won't see her for a long time because after New year she's going back to the Philippines. 

We ate on a Japanese restaurant in the outdoor side of Marina at Glenelg.  It was like a rainy day and the bay is not so busy compare to a very nice weather.  We are lucky then to accommodate the place of our own and not much crowd around us so we are free to talk or laugh as loud as we can.  We had a wonderful bonding again as we use to do, Donna gave us Christmas present and what a thoughtful act of her that she gave me the perfume I'm planning to buy.  I was very happy and feel so special with her kindness. It's like our tradition that we exchange gift with each other but mine is late, I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet.  I usually gave to her before Christmas day so it's not too late yet.  I still have a week to shop for a present for my friends and loveones.

Anyway we had really enjoy the day even the weather was so dramatic.  A glass or two of moscato drink will give us the cheerfulness to talk and share a few things while having conversation.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and all the best on the 2012