An hour ago I had a short chat with my friend on facebook, she has a twin kids a girl and a boy I think they’re 7 or 8 years old now. I then remember a year ago when we are together in the city looking for a guitar shop. She was going to check how big is the size of guitar that was suggested by the son’s guitar teacher.  She ended buying the little one that suit for a 6 year old boy. My friend was so excited that time to surprise his son a guitar present on his birthday as she knows how many times her son keeps on telling her to have a guitar of his own to play with.  He is a good boy, I think he was so happy that day when his mum grant his wishes to have a guitar.

Maybe now he can play it well especially having a guitar teacher of his own to train him. Now he must be developing his guitar talent and hopefully he will be a great guitarist when he grows up.

I'm happy for my friend, having a wonderful twin who are so adorable, talented and very smart kids.