Rush Hour

It was very busy in the fish shop today. Everyday and 3 days left to celebrate Christmas day, the shop was getting busier and busier.  There are many customers are coming and what a chaos in the car park. I can notice some came during their breaktime and after finish work. How do I recognize it? Because they're still wearing their work uniforms, I even recognize which company they work for according to their uniform, some from Hospitals just by looking at the quality and material of the uniforms that maybe if I'm not mistaken it was made from Marcus medical uniforms.

Anyway the day went quicker as it very busy and we don't know the time flies so fast that it's near to closing time already. I had a tiring but lovely day especially working with the retail staff and enjoying the massive amount of customer buying seafoods and excited to have a feast for Christmas.

Let's be merry and enjoy the spirit of Christmas. Merry Christmas to all of you.