Last night was one of the nights that I had a good sleep, not as very long as I want to be as I know I’ll wake for a morning shift at work. The continuous and comfortable sleep I’ve got last night was the best not compare to the other night which was totally a bad one, no sleep at all.
Do you know why I had a good sleep?  I’ve took the prescribed medicine of my doctor which I haven’t bought before because I was thinking my allergy will just vanished quickly and it will come back again for a couple years or more but I don’t expect that it will react again this often as I’m experiencing lately.  Yesterday, I went to the chemist to buy Solone or  prednisolone tablet to help ease the allergic reaction of my skin but I will only take for 3 days as it has bad side effects if you keep taking them on a long period of time. Also the  help of phenergan an antihistamine tablet to stop itchiness and had the side effects of making a person drowsy but the good thing is it will help you fall asleep and that’s what I’ve needed. I was easily knock down to sleep last night while I’m enjoying browsing about numark ns7 at guitar center and was left unclosed because I accidentally fall asleep.
Tonight another maintainance of two tablets to know hwo I progress and tell the doctor the result.  I don’t want to be dependent on those drugs, it’s been how many years I’m taking them on and off.  I don’t know how long I’ll suffer with this skin problem, I hope not a life time.

Giant Wind Chime

The giant wind chime is a gift to my hubby during his birthday last month.  I didn’t prefer it as a gift for him because my choice is the wrist watch.  But what I consider is the celebrant’s wish so that he will be more happy on what he receives.  There is something with him why he always likes the wind chime, before we had a small one at the backyard but unfortunately was destroyed by a strong wind. 
Whenever we go to department store we always had a quick browse to an art and d├ęcor shop.  He always plays with the wind chime and listens to which one makes the best sound.  So on his birthday he finally got what he wanted, it comes in a package with stand so we will realy use it instead of hanging. The backyard ground is an even surface and there is a time when it was blown by the wind even it’s a giant size. We have an idea to put a leveling feet or leveling mount to keep it safe and stand still.

First, I’m not favour with the wind chime because I’m sure it will just make so much loud noise and thinking it's making sound everyday.  But as we listen everyday, it's good the door and windows are always close so it's not that very loud at all. It sounds beautiful not like any other wind chime, it has different sound that will change your mood and it's like serenading with the lovely sounds.
Now it’s already hanging in the shade because my hubby has no chance to make or find a nice position to balance the wind chime stand so it won’t be blown by the wind again.



I Dream a Dream

I always wanted and dream to have our own house one day.  I even have made a cross stitch of a house pattern and it looks beautiful when I've finished, now it's was framed hanging on the wall.  Recently, if I'm bored and nothing to do online all I do is just search on real estate property, in here and even the property on my home town.  I was thinking wether one day if we are going to buy a house that it's already built or hubby and I will customize the house itself and just look for a nice builder.  That's why my boredom sometimes end up with browsing stuff about interior design and looking what's the best materials to use in building a house. I've found a few ideas about slatwall panels at, I know it's kinda a job of a man to browse this kind of stuff, but I don't mind teaching myself and have a knowledge about some products and materials or what's the use and contribution on building or designing a house.
I feel good when I'm doing it and as well just amusing myself and not losing hope to have our own house one day were I can freely decorate, buy the household stuff I like, and a beautiful garden to have in the backyard.

Paradise by Coldplay

My hubby's private time at home is watching random video and music clips on youtube, if there is interesting clips he really carry the pc tablet and share to me what he just watched  He plays it again and again and showed to me, especially if he found some interesting clips from Philippines or other video or music clips of some popular song.  Sometimes, I'm not paying attention to any of them but he's the one that updates me so I'm thankful for him. He first became obsessed on gangnam style song, and try to dance with the music (hehe) even found another versions of it and keeps playing too.
Now,the latest song he discover and he always play is the Coldplay music videok clip called Paradise.  He really loves the song and keeps playing it many times, he likes the story it tells as shown on video. He also found a live concert of coldplay and he was amazed to how beautiful the concert was done.  Especially the effects of wrist bands that were given to all audiences, it's amazing in the dark when the lights were on of different colors. Of course the coldplay bands  who contribute and played  their instruments well, maybe their using an electric guitar from ebony gibson les paul at musicians friend  and soloist who sang very lively and had this fantastic voice,
Just sharing the original clip and the live concert from paris, hope you'll like it:


Roll about walker and scooter

Everytime we went out, there were few elderly people we've seen around, mostly we found them in the shopping mall and supermarket or some along the road, parks and bay area. Those people are the ones who are not able to walk properly or can't make to walk  a long distance, that's why most of them were using a roll about walker or the scooter which I really like to have if ever I saw one somewhere.  If I saw this kind of ride, I'm joking and making fun to my hubby that we need to have this toy one day (lol) but of course I don't want to be disabled or crippled inorder to have one like this in the future, it just looks cute. I'm sure it helps and  is very handy, convenient and gives a person an independent life to live everyday, especially going to supermarket to buy daily needs is the most advantage.

If you're not familiar with them, I've shared the photos below:

"roll about walker" were used by elderly people who can't last to walk and stand still for a long period of time, it was made with a chair and a shopping basket sothat incase a person is tired or in a qeue anywhere else, it's very convenient to just stay and sit in the corner.
Scooter is the toy which I guess most people were wanting to have, hehe I often saw people riding this inside the shopping center or in a supermarket it's not only for elderly but of different age that aren't capable of walking or let say disabled,  This sccoter looks cute and most I think also fancy with this,that's why I like to have one (lol), it's designed for outdoor and indoor use to supermarket was the best part of it, just driving around and around, along every aisle of the store doing shopping while riding in the scooter seems to be fun, as what I've seen to the supermarket I had worked.

Late night Shopping

Yesterday evening was a late night shopping, after whole day cleaning at home I went out for a while just to unwind doing window shopping or if I might get fancy to some stuff I'll take it home with me.  I went to department store to check out some clothing and homewares stuff.  I'm looking for specific stuff but instead I find yoga blankets along the aisle I was in. It suddenly makes me think of doing yoga exercise, hmmm something to think about one day. 
Well, as I walk through other stuff  I finally found what I'm really looking for. I won't tell you what it is (lol) just something I will keep to myself this time.  After that, I've bought lots of cadbury bars chocolate of different flavors, my family would love it as a present on Christmas time.
I went home happy and love the things I've got from the night shopping.


I bet all of us loves to have a snack, aren't you?  Of course, we all crave for something especially when can't think of what to eat sometimes.  Well, I often do that there is a time that my tastebud is looking for something to eat, especially those delicacies I always ate in our country.  But of course, of few years living here I'll get used of most of the food and snacks here. 

But while here online I've found this mouth watering website which sells everything but snacks, they look yummy, I think I've tried one of the snacks here before but looking at the splits pretzels makes me dribble (lol) especially the garlic and cheese flavor would be yummy to taste. I think I will try to buy some online to have a taste of every flavor...


Salmon Steaks

is one of my favorite fish.  What I love working on a seafood shop is that aside I can avail a staff discount, I can as well get to eat and taste the variety of seafoods we sell and also first to know if there are promotional products, especially the salmon steaks that one of the expensive fish that we sell. It's one of the popular and best selling fish at work that's why everytime it was on special my husband and I spoil ourselves eating baked salmon steaks with veggies and salad most of the week.  Aside from the yummy taste, it is also rich in omega 3 and are very good for the health of everyone. 
There are many ways you can cook with salmon steaks like bbq, grill, oven bake, panfry, you can eat them raw as well, sashimi grade fish and you can make it as smoked salmon and sushi. Sounds yummy isn't it?

Funny Weather

This week has been a funny weather, it's been moody and raining especially last Wednesday, there was a hailstorm again.  I had an Indonesian workmate that drives a motorcycle going to work and it's funny how he told me when he suddenly stop over in a shade when he felt the hailstones strikes on his fingers while driving, it hurts of course.  Lucky he's wearing a bluetooth motorcycle helmet, if he isn't not only his fingers will hurt but also his head, what you think it feels like your head catches all the hailstones?
That time as well when I'm almost close to home when the rain starts, just about to enter into the driveway when hailstorm begins, if only my car can escape from drops of hailstones I'll do it, I'm worried but lucky it's not long enough, I even walk out the car and felt the hailstones hitting in my head.  What a good experience indeed, all good and doesn't hurt at all.


Being so busy working most of the week, I can no longer think of my social life as in "going out" for a few hours especially if it's night out or having a drink. I'd love to but I can't be bothered most of the time as my body refuses to go and thinking I need to work the next morning is just me punishing myself.  It's been a while and it's a favor to me that there is no events or birthdays a few months ago from workmates. But of course anytime soon and depending to my mood, I know I'll be hanging out with my collegue friends as I can sense there is an upcoming birthdays and farewell party soon, even I'm excited now.
At the moment, while no social outdoor activities for me I just entertain myself by watching my Filipino teleseries that I was engrossed with and it really entertains me in most of my sparetime before going to bed. Sometimes I may cry alone watching drama (hehe) and suddenly had a good laugh and giggles when I switch to watch a comedy series (hehe). I'd like to get behringer headphones at musicians friend sothat I have privacy listening and hubby can play his music loud too without my complain while watching my series.  I wonder why what am I doing if I'm not watching, I reckon just watch the Oz tv shows or play online games maybe. 
I'm so thankful, there is online pinoy tv seriest that whoever uploads those series everyday on different Pinoy sites are so kind and generous to share the videos. You just don't know how you make all the Filipinos living overseas so happy and at home just by watching them.  Hope you all won't stop uploading the series and may God bless you in all things.

Open on Public Holiday

Last Monday was public holiday, the only shopping centre that was open most of the holiday was Harbour Town.  It was always packed especially the parking space, lucky I came there before the peak hour and still ample of parking around. I was there to enjoy the crowd, eat somewhere and look for a nice pair of work shoes or something that will fancy my eye. 
On all the long walk of shopping center, I can’t make up my mind what will I get because of too many choices I’ll make which is which. But just not to have empty bag going home finally I end buying the last pair and super bargain boots that was excellent and nice looking shoes, it’s not like Gaerne Boots  but still it’s worth the price I’ve paid, it had a good quality and leather  made. It really suits my style,above all I’m happy with what I’ve got.

Labor Day on Monday

I don’t have any idea that Monday is a public holiday as a Labor Day. I’ve heard from few customers after I’ve served saying “have a long weekend” I wonder why?  I was thinking because its school holiday so they will spend a long weekend with their kids, it might be the reason why (hehe) but with the random conversation of my workmate I only knew that it’s public holiday. I was happy and excited, it’s only the day I think with no doubt I have freedom for myself not thinking of going to work yaaaayyy…
After it was confirmed as non-working holiday I have this excitement that I can spend a day with my husband or thinking maybe we can drive around somewhere interesting and have beautiful scenery. I wish they’re not obliged to work on public holiday so that I won’t think twice of what to do and it’s the quality time of day we can spend together only, knowing his day off on weekend and I’m working.
If he is working some hours on monday, it's better in the morning only, I won’t mind at all. I don't care if I spend my day at home, I would love it especially to catch up a good sleep and be as lazy as I want. Or maybe a weekend night out with a friend on Sunday for a drink and to be with a dj mixer musicians friend is fun hehe. I can think some options if my mind will just tell me to.

How's everyone doing on Monday? Hope you'll have fun and enjoy the day with your friends and loveones. 

My Day Off Agenda

Haven’t been to shopping lately, which is good I think but sometimes it’s my only way to make me feel good and I’m happy. I can cope, in fairness I’m doing well, I spend nothing and it’s keeping me save money for my holiday.  But of course how I’ve missed to go shopping if only I’m not tired and running some errands after work, I guess I already stop by to the nearest shop from home.

Next week would be exciting, I have a day off and I can sleep a bit longer than the usual. I was thinking to make a noon time appointment to our accountant as I haven’t done my yearly tax return yet. After that visit my doctor, I hope he was on center next Thursday or already come back from his holiday sothat I can get the result of my blood test.  If there are many patients, instead of waiting for my name to be called on  doctor's queue I'll go to the mall to browse some stuff for the Christmas holiday to bring for my family. I was thinking  a Tacticalwatch for Luminox  to give to my dad and maybe a perfume for mum or I should keep an eye on something nice while browsing.

I hope, I can accomplish something worthy on my day off and of course I need to really have a good rest.

In the Mood

Yesterday afternoon I was in the mood to clean the house, especially folding the laundry clothes that was dumped in the spare bedroom for a quiet a while, it doesn’t sound good but it happens (wink).  I’ve watered the plants, pull out the wedges and tidy some bit around the house. I've also found the TAG Heuer  watch of my hubby under the bed, it's been ages we've been looking and thought it's gone.  I feel great not because of the watch but because the house was organized and clean.

Late afternoon my hubby came home and had the happy face and was surprised that the house was clean and tidy, also was happier when I’ve told him I’ve found his favourite watch.  I wish I can make a routine to do the house chores and well motivated to do that even tired from work.

Weight Conscious

All my life, I really wanted to gain weight. They said I’m not a big eater when they saw the way I ate. But sometimes I can see myself eating a lot and according to my hubby he always heard me saying I’m always hungry in every hour, I think I have worm in my tummy (lol) I hope not.  I reckon because I’m not into foods that are fattening especially the sweet ones.  I can’t eat much chocolates or icecream or junk foods, I try to force myself eating them but can’t do any better.  I like sour taste, hehe maybe that’s why I’m far away from gaining weight. Or I can say the structure of my bones is just like this, but I wish even like 50kg I’ll be thankful, but was not granted yet.  Sometimes I blame the weighing scale that it’s faulty that I should get a proper mettler balances. I’m sometimes desperate with my skinny body, some friend says I don't need to gain weight, especially my hubby, but if I heard a comment like your so skinny I felt Sometimes it feels overwhelming when they said, oh your lucky because your skinny so you can wear sexy dress.

I’m just like this because I can’t get an adult size clothing here, if I need some clothes I always go to kids how funny is that, like the track pants or the singlets or shoes too. Now whatever weight I'll have I think I need to be contented and just be thankful I'm not that over weight like what others complain of themselves.

Backup files

Last couple months, I have a problem with my laptop, there is something wrong with the speed performance and I can't watch the video properly.  It’s not normal for me, I got used to have a fast internet browsing especially when watching live streaming videos.  Those days, my hubby was wondering why he didn’t hear my laughs and giggles when I was online. I just told him something wrong with the video quality, it’s not playing well and also buffering.  As my personal technician, he is always there to fix the problem of my laptop, he found out there was a virus.  I was lucky, all I know is browsing and watching videos but in terms of technical problem, I don’t know anything.  He had fixed it once and  it’s good that he had made a hard copy of all my files and had online secure data backup, that's a wise thinking of him. So if ever he will reformat my laptop once in a while no need for me to make a copy or save everything all over again.

Now aside from my battery I’m very much happy with the performance of my laptop especially on the speed and the video plays very well.

The sound of silence

Sometimes when I feel so exhausted and tired, I like to have my own peace and quiet time alone. Just listening to an old classic and ballad music is a lovely moment of my life. The sound of silence is sometime good for me, but unluckily, there is a time while I’m having a relaxing and quiet mode my hubby likes to play his loud music on the lounge. It really distract my attention and I become irritable when he does that. I will just go out and tell him to lower the volume as I want to rest and don't want to hear loud noise. It's good he just lower the sound or quit listening and go to the shed to do something, he understand. I think it would be a better idea to have like auralex studio foam designer kit for a sound proof wall protection sothat we are free to do whatever we want without disturbing each other in our own private time.

The classic live bands

This photo was taken during Mclaren Vale Festival. It was a beautiful day, there are lots of guest who were having lunch and was delighted with the entertainment of the live bands. They had played and sang some classic and old songs using the old electrical instruments that sounds amazing and it feels overwhelming listening to the voice of soloist. I love seeing how they play and combine different electrical instruments and gives a fantastic rythm of sounds, they're just so talented and gifted with this kind of talents. Now, I think you can rarely see those kinds of electrical instruments and it’s an antique collection for some musician already. Because of the new technology some electric guitars were created into a slimmer or modern look like epiphone zenith fretless music123 and also other sort of musical instruments. I really admire those people who share their talents and give happiness

The Entertainment

Last Friday, when I went to work and get inside the staff room, I was surprised and pleased to see the new flat screen television that was installed on premier mount on the wall. I think for how many years, it’s only now that they have decided to put a tv. I knew some stores staff room has, but before I also wonder why we don’t have in our own store. Now, everyone were happy especially world Olympic 2012 is on the show. It’s really good that we have entertainment during our breaktime and we are aware of what’s happening in our society especially the news and current events. Now we are enjoying the entertainment because of the tv. We are thankful for this privilege that has given to all the staff.


How’s your Saturday everyone? Well, mine is average.  I had fun at work the whole day and was finished 5.30pm. I went home straight rushing to have a quick shower then prepare myself to go to church to attend the 6pm mass. I was lucky my workplace, house and the church was just minutes away from each other, what a rush for me. It's good to be able to attend a Saturday mass instead of going on Sunday which I'm planning to be a relaxing afternoon when I finish work.

When I got home hubby was asking what’s for dinner, suppose I’m going to cook something but I was already complaining that I’m starving so we decided to buy take away. We had a yummy dinner, special fried rice, garlic broccoli and a steak with cashew nuts. My tummy is so happy and full, so my hubby is.
For a relaxing Saturday night, we watch a movie, I was wide awake form the start but because I was so tired, I accidentally fall asleep on my hubby’s lap and my hands wrap around his waist like he is my body pillows hehe. I felt bad if I've slept while watching movie with him. But well, at least I'm on his presence in movie time though I find it funny.hehe

On friday night

It’s Friday night, most of the employees were excited and rejoicing if this day come, I think you can see most of them now at the club and pub, but not me as I’m working every weekend, fun time is only during occasion for me, not every weekends as others do. I don't complain either, watching movie at home and an hour or two online is enjoyable moment of my spare time.

It’s not pretty much tolerable with no day off sometimes but well, it helps pay the bill and a little sacrifice only that won’t last not for a life time.

One day, I can have my own relaxing and freedom to do anything I like to do. What you think the best treat for me? I’ve been working so hard lately that I think I need some peace and quiet holiday, hmmm I always think of the Philippines to be with my family. I know it’s happening soon but I reckon somewhere different like beach house rentals florida would be a fantastic idea and a beautiful place to create a memory and experience once in my life.  I think nothing is impossible if I really want right? only time can tell and if I have a pocket full of money too would not be a problem. Beside I also have a best friend living in Florida that I haven’t since for a few years now, it would be a great time to be there and visit her as well.

I hope one day, I’ll win at lotto hehe, sothat I won’t work so much hours to sustain the ways and means of living.
Hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Godbless!!!

Ticking of the clock

Waaaah the time is so quick, I just glance at the clock and in less than an hour the day time is almost over. I guess, I’ve spent half of the day on doing house chores, which is one good move I've done today. After that I'd sit back and relax for the most awaiting part of my day “watching the new uploads of pinoy drama series” which makes the time fly so fast as well plus browsing some interesting shop online and reading the ach rules  and regulation regarding electronic payment is something new I’d learned today.
Internet really gives us the quick learning process and knowledge about most of the things and current events that are happening in the country and around the world. It’s more than going to a library; it can chew up your free time and a good fun while inside the house.

Sunset view at Harbor Town car park

Yesterday, I'd finished work at mid afternoon I went straight to shopping center to kill the rest of my hours while the shop is open.  I had my fun and enjoy my browse but sometimes I can't avoid not to take home something. I end up buying my work shoes even though I still have like one or two but so tempting and I like it. 

After that I thought of going home and buy some food at mcdonalds, hmm I'm starving with the long walk I did.  While walking at the car park I've seen the beautiful view of sunset, even I was almost empty battery on my phone I'd tried to capture the sunsetting down and here it is shown below, I hope you like it too.

Please click Skywatch Friday to view more photos of the amazing skies around the world

To spend or not to spend

Haaaayyyss, now that I’m starting to save money and I’m trying not to spend on petty things, it is when all unexpected expenses and dues are just in queue now grrrrr.  Another temptation I’ve received from emails to claim my bonus point on QFF. If I’ll   chase for the points I need to spend money (lol) what I will do now? They’re my temptation, but hey I can resist and control not to spend on unnecessary things for now. I’ll just prioritize my registration and find a new insurance company that can give the best annuities for an easy pay.

How I wish I will win on lotto as what everyone’s are dreaming sothat I won’t worry on anything especially on financial matter.  But how will I win if I don't play the game?hehhee never mind, God will make away. I can do it and work for it.

In the Mall

This afternoon I’d thought of going out for a drive somewhere, I’m not sure where but I was thinking either to the beach or wandering on different shops in the mall would be fun for me.  I was almost about to go and say bye to my hubby but then he volunteer himself to go and drive me around. I was happy with it. 

I have decided that we are going to the mall with the thought I can eat my favourite food there and browsing on random shops is enjoyable for me but not my hubby, I can feel it (lol) But he has no choice, he offers to drive me around so he will put up according where I like to be.(lol) We browse on clothing and shoe shops and also to make him happy I drag him inside the electronic and audio shop, I know he will like it.  He then wander around some new upgrades, audio stuff particularly looking at pro-88 m-audio. It’s good he had his fun too and after all of the browsing, we had our dinner.  It’s enjoyable doing simple things together.

When you do Nothing at all

Today is my day off suppose to be it’s my day to catch up friends or shopping or a movie day.  But not to me, it’s my rest day, a home-based mode right now, due to arm and back sore.  I need to sit back and relax and do nothing, but to be online is an exception because it’s my only entertainment here.(lol)  I feel like doing house chores but can’t be bothered as I don’t like to overworked my right arm. I may practice my left arm to do hardwork as what the right arm does always. My arm needs to refrain from repetitive movements while it can to reduce the amount of soreness and I won’t hear the crackling of joints if it does something.
I’m on a day dreaming mode right now. So don't object me, hehe.  At the moment I just want to eat a nice meal, I wish my mum is here to cook something for me, to nourish my body with a good feed and to regain more strength.  I wish and now just imaging to have a body massage or a spa bathroom with pentair EasyTouch system control to relax and chill my body in the hot spa water. How spoil I am if I have this kind of stuff at home.hehe
 Day dream was finished. I just hope to have a relaxing, soreless and lovely day at home.

The perfume collection

This afternoon hubby had a quick look at my dresser cabinet looking to my perfume collections that are adding up.  Aside from scooter helmet, he also gave me perfume during birthday and he tries to smell each of them to compare what’s the best scent he will like most.  He has an original favourite scent first is D&G, the second is Britney spears Fantacy and now another one is the latest present he gave to me, the CK euphoria. I love the scent of it too and now will be one of my favourite, but of course I like all that I had collected.

I’m funny, if I smell nice scent on the public place and the person is closer to me or a customer from the shop, I really approach the lady and ask what perfume she’s wearing hehe. So the next time it’s my time to buy another one I’ll get it. My next target is DKNY be delicious scent, they are expensive but smells so beautiful. I’ll save for that.

I don’t know how or when I start buying perfumes, oh it’s because hubby had a few ones too which make me encourage to collect a few scents of perfume until now. I think I’m just jealous in the first place hehe that’s why I’m competing with his perfume madness before.  I think I'll stop buying if I had enough or no money for the perfume spending. Sometimes, if there is special occasion and exchanging gift we are expecting a perfume from each other. How funny was that? I should give a unique gift next time or maybe I’ll surprise him with Mens Diamond Watch which will be something new and special too.

Mysterious Ways

do believe that God works in mysterious ways, he really make things happen for some reason, he touches the heart of people and he made them a better person. I’ve experiencing his mysterious ways, I thought it's the end of my life's episode but it's to be continued. Although I don’t know where life takes me and how the story will tell later, I’m just hoping for the best to come and taking chances of life’s challenges and opportunities.

I love my life at the moment, though the desired of my heart was not granted yet, I'm contented of what my life now. it's not I'm wanting spray tan supplies but only God knows what was it. My worries before are time to time fading and were all occupied with my both jobs, it’s good I’m enjoying it and still happily smile. I’m bit tired after work but still have strength to spend time with my friends and colleagues acquaintances some times. I’m worry free, stress free at this stage, I have more freedom, more courageous and have more excitement and happiness in my life that is coming and that is all that matters now.

I’m thanking all my friends who are there at my side in those times I really needed them and to God who is just silently listening to all my prayers and working his ways to answer them in His time.

Back Pain

It started last weekend when hubby had a sudden feeling of back pain.  I thought he was just joking with me just to get my attention.  Me, who was busy at work don’t really mind at all and was thinking it’s only a mild pain but it’s not. 

Last Saturday afternoon when I’ve arrived home, he had updated me about his back pain the whole day for some reason.  He is not really kidding but in agony for the first time because of the pain, I can imagine how bad it is seeing him having difficulty to drive the car and get out of the bed, or I can say he looks like disable to do something. 

On that night, we went to the doctor for check up and he was given pain killer to ease the pain.  Lucky he has given the remedy to rest, so the whole week he was on sick leave.  It’s nice to see him at home everytime, but also miss the moment when I saw him leaving and arriving at home carrying his leather briefcase   to give a kiss and hug, wishing and greeting the both of us a good day.

Now, he has still a little pain but it's not worst compare to the last week. I hope it will get better and he will be free from the pain.

The Complainant

It’s been a while since I’m complaining about the poor service of my network provider, it has a weak signal sometimes. Aside from that I was also annoyed the life of my phone battery, it’s doesn’t last for a day but sometimes only few hours and its empty battery. It's not very reliable if I'm out all day long. I knew it chew up more battery if I use many applications but even I've disabled them it still the same...grrrrrrr...

Hmmm, now I was thinking to look for cheap prepaid cell phones  like a temporary replacement only, until my phone contract end and I'll plan to transfer into other network provider that has better service and strong signal anywhere.  Also choosing the phone that has long lasting battery will be fantastic idea.

My Sunday Afternoon

After church at noon time, I went home thinking what to do, my partner is going to pick up his brother at rehabilitation centre to help his brother on shopping and visit his home, I decided to go out with him. We stop by on hardware shop to buy box cutters  and sprinkler for his garden. While inside I browse on garden section and found a pond with a few gold fish swimming so I took photos of them. I thought it might be boring afternoon for me (hehe) from the start I guess, but I cope the day and make it wonderful. While on the road, I was fascinated to use my camera and keep taking photos while the car is moving.  I had a few lovely snaps of big clouds, some interesting buildings and landmarks of the places we’ve passed by.  Also the last bit was feeding the pigeon with chips after we return to the center and taking the best shot as I can while the bird was eating and chasing other birds to keep away on his food. I had my fun and that makes my day beautiful in the end, I think.hmmm

After leaving the rehab, I was able to run some errands I wanted to get in the shop for the last minute before it closes. Lucky, we made it on time, if not it’s a big big frown on my face, if I didn't get them (lol) After all my day is not bad at all and I’m thankful it was finished with a yummy crab for my dinner.
Tomorrow is another week to start, I’m not looking forward for my early morning start (lol). Hope my week will be as peaceful, less worries and an enjoyable day for the rest of the week.

A few snap shot from my Sunday afternoon exposure

Winter Rain

I’ve been working hard this week, I went to work 6 days instead of 3 days before.  Not that I'm complaining but it's a bit tiring. In good side, I feel great because it makes me busy and I’m enjoying the people I’ve worked with and engaging to people in the shop makes it more lively and cheerful atmosphere.  I've enjoyed it.

Have you wondered it’s been raining everyday this week? Yes, it is. I don’t like rain. Also working on a cool place at work that surrounded with refrigeration doesn’t help.  It’s nice to just stand in front of electric fireplaces  all the time to keep me warm (hehe)

Winter was just started and waaaaaaah there are lots more of freezing moments to experience everyday.   

Car Service and maintenance

Yesterday was supposed to be my day off, but early morning I was called to cover a shift in the afternoon till evening. I had a car service scheduled in the mid-afternoon and it will finish as I’ve told just before the time I’m going to start the shift, so I’ve accepted the offer. It’s another penny, so if I’m able to do it, I grab the opportunity, thanks God for that blessing. 

I've waited in the car yard showroom for more than an hour, I’m expected that so I brought something with me not to get boring.  I read my citizenship test booklet and brought with me my tablet pc sothat I can watch my drama series only (lol). I was so engrossed with it.  It’s half an hour left to start my shift and the service is not finish yet, I was wondering if I’ll leave the car or call my work that I’ll arrive a little late. It’s good while I was thinking the service staff called me that my car is ready.  I still have time and allowance to be at work as it’s only 10minutes away from the car yard.

When I’m about to sign on the service record, the lady explain to me about my car history and performance. I don’t know what she’s talking about,(lol) it's all about car parts,the ball joint, bearings, change oil and so on, engine is good, tire is still ok and etc. I just told her if nothing wrong with the car and its running very well I don’t have any complain and I’m happy.  She just laughs at me.

Complimentary Movie Ticket

Last Thursday, I’m back in Adelaide from a holiday at Brisbane.  I arrived past 5pm and at 8pm I have scheduled to watch a movie “The Avengers” a complimentary ticket that our company labour union offered to all members. The tickets were like gifts for moms delivered on each members mailbox adress.

I was so tired from my trip but no choice but to watch the movie on its date scheduled, I'm going with my friend.  One cinema was only for union members’ viewers, there is no seat allocated to each person but only first come first serve. The theatre was overfull and we hardly find a vacant sit, some were just standing and the other was transferred to the other cinema room.

It’s really a good plan of the union to gather all union members and before the movie start a representative share a little bit about what’s the development and update of the union success to all members.  I’m happy to be a member and receive the benefit from their program regarding employees rights.

Coast to Coast

After Goldcoast, I'll be at Sunshine Coast tommorow, I'll finally see my bestfriend in such a long years. I had chatted to her on the phone in relation with my arrival, we suppose say bye but her son wants to talk to me as well. He told me how excited he was to see me. I can feel the love and so overwhelmed knowing the little boy is happy with my prescence and I don't need to adjust with him as she knows a lot about me from his mum story telling.

Before coming to a holiday in Brisbane, I was thinking what present to bring or give for my friend to say thank you for inviting me to spend holiday on her place. I was thinking to order a wine gift basket at but it might be too late. Instead, I got her a delicious filipino food that I guess she will really like it and I know how much she is longing to eat them.

Another adventure to explore in the next four days at Sunshine Coast tommorow. It would be a fantastic bonding and catch up with my friend and I must prepare for the never ending chat we will have. I must enjoy every bit of my holiday with them while away from work.

My Godmother

It's yesterday when I'd landed on Brisbane airport to spend my holiday for a few days. First is to meet my Godmother that I haven't seen for almost 20 years. After 2 days, I'm going to visit my bestfriend on Sunshine coast.

My Godmother and I only had talked on the phone or online once in while, we became very close and eveytime I need someone to talk with, I contact her as if she is my mother her in Australia.  She showed to me some beautiful places here in Brisbaine city, I've enjoyed the ocean scene at Queensland and NSW. She is very caring and  I was overwhelmed with her warm welcome and acceptance to be with her even just like 2 days. We had never ending chat about our lives, her deceased husband was a great musician, may he rest in peace and I was surprised when she told me she play piano like those Bigsby produced instruments. 

I had a great time with her and even introduced me to her friends. Tommorow is my last day to spend time with her and I really appreciate her kindness and hospitality to give me a 2 hour drive to drop me on Sunshine Coast to see my bestfriend. I'm so thankful for that.

Hope we will arrive safe and sound as we travel tommorow.

A Mother Image

Last Thursday I've had a lunch with my new Filipina friend which I’ve always seen and had a quick chat at my workplace while she's doing her shopping.  First time to catch up and had lunch together, she is very generous and very kind hearted person, it isn’t because she pay for my meal but because of the way she communicate to me and I can sense her values in life and how she share her blessing to her family and good friends.  She's like a mother to me on age and talk like a motherly advice to me how to live life in Australia and how to consider the changes around.

It’s good because we are same dialect so we are comfortable to talk with each other.  She was telling to me she’s planning to buy a house later as the usual complain if she keep on renting the money you pay can't be seen forever. She like a house closer to the city or later on if she is going to retire maybe grab the opportunity to buy the outer banks homes for sale somewhere in front of the beach, she wishes.  But of course she needs to deeply think about it and make the right decision what she really wants.

I feel lucky to find a good and religious friend I’ve met in my area. They inspire me by sharing their experiences and I learn how to live life the way what God wants me to be.

Dream Come True

Do you ever dream of some luxurious things you like to have in your life one day? Like a beautiful house or an expensive car for example? Well, your dream may come true if you really want it. It's just a matter of following your dreams and your commitment.

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Wedding gowns

To all the ladies out there, who dreams to be a bride one day or a bride to be?  There is a perfect site for you to shop online for any occasions; especially on weddings gowns and accessories are absolutely the fantastic shop for planning the wedding celebration. To those who can’t find the right size gowns, this shop has a lot more sizes that suits for woman who are looking for a plus sized wedding gowns. Here they were done perfectly according to your taste and design of gowns,  just like one of the sample photo below, so simple but pretty and gorgeous in the eye of the beholder.

House Tour

Last Saturday, I went to a house warming and baby shower party of my Filipina friend.  It’s first time to visit their house because they were newly transferred only.  I almost get lost but was still lucky find my way to get there.  I’m glad to be there and be invited, they have many guests from different friend connections.

My friend tour us around the house, it’s beautiful, well built and the interior is just fantastic, a white motive of furnitures and fixtures.  The most attraction is the swimming pool in the backyard and the pool accessories around, so inviting for a nice dip.  I’m so happy for the wonderful blessings and abundance to my friend and her partner.  I wish them more happiness, success and harmony in their lives.

Life's adventure to the other world

Everyone wants to adventure and try there luck on something or somewhere. Today is the trip of our workmate going to England. After she had finished her uni, she'd planned a trip on her birthplace, at England. She was adorable, it’s been pleasure to work with her and also the laughs we shared on our department will be always remembered. A week before she’s leaving, I had a sudden thought of asking her name tag like sort of custom pins we wear at work.  I told her I can reuse them if ever my own name tag will lost and its my remembrance from her.
I hope she will have a safe trip, achieve her career and will continue the success of her life’s adventure at England. 

Mexican food

Last Sunday my girl friend and I went to Glenelg to have our dinner at Mexican restaurant. We also come to watch sunset after dinner. She hasn’t tried Mexican food yet so she’d love to taste them. I had my usual meal the chicken burrito and she did order to eat the beef burrito. We enjoyed the dinner it’s very yummy and filling. After that we walk through the jetty bridge to witness the sunset.  While walking my friend saw a Fedoras Hats that maybe was accidentally fell by someone on the ground. Instead of picking up and take with her, she just put it on the chair hoping someone will come back to find it. That's a good thinking.
There are many people are waiting for sunset , it’s really relaxing and feels good to end the day watching the sky changing colors and to see the sun sleeping.


I have some wish lists I want to fulfill in my life, some were granted and some are not.  I had this one wish that I really want to happen but I don’t know when and I can’t do this alone. It’s not about to have a mansion or steel building types of house or surrounded by luxurious things or the wealth to make me rich. But it’s about something that every woman wants. God knows how much I wanted to have it but in His time and blessing I wish and pray it will be granted.

Sometimes I feel sad thinking about it though I shoudn't be, I still hope that one day it will come true. I only need patience and acceptance as to whatever may come. In due time whether it will be happening or not I’ll just be happy and contented to what He has given to me. 

Is your wish list were all granted? Just be patient it will come in His time.

The Entertainement

Today after hubby and I had fun christening ourselves at the newly opened shops. We give each other peace and quite time when we got home. In the afternoon, I'm going to catch up with my friends supposedly to watch a movie at the cinema but were suddenly postponed with a phone call that she can't make it because she is not feeling very well.  So to think of something to do this afternoon I just watch different soap operas and entertainment shows on filipino channel website. My hubby was having his own private time on the shed doing manly stuff and after that he play on internet too, I can guess he's browsing about gym stuff or maybe alpha t1 reviews.

I was engrossed with watching the never ending series of the drama sometimes with teary eye (lol) and not realize its evening already, that’s when  I’m feeling hungry. It’s a good timing that my hubby interrupt me and told me that we will return the video we had rented last night, so we go out and as I can't be bother to cook, we decided to buy take away dinner.

Now, I’m full and time to relax. The night is soon to be over but not to worry another day is ahead to come to thanks for all the blessings and good life. Life is just simple so I (we) must enjoy every moment we have experienced. 

Understanding medical terms

I remember when I was a kid I’d like to be a nurse when I grow up but it didn’t happen after all. I must admit that I’m not very good in understanding about medical terminology and the rest of it. When I was studying I dislike the science subject I don't know why, it's hard for me to catch up the scientific terms of this and that. My favorite is mathematics, no wonder why I took Accountancy during my college and got a bachelors degree diploma when I graduate.

Since I have some health concern, I try hard to learn and understand some medical terms and health issues for myself and also for the whole human being in general. If I want to know something about the symptoms, cause and effects, prognosis or cure of a certain illness, I’ll just search it on google. Like the std testing phoenix that I randomly read, its also a good thing knowing something even if not related to my health concern.

I always go on Wikipedia if I want something to know about human body and the health issues for instance.  It’s really a good learning site for me to read and understand many things about medical and medication process.

Free Pasta and coffee

Last Friday, I’ve finished noon time at work. I was supposed going to catch up with my friend after work but it was postponed and will resume later in the afternoon. I had a sudden thought to visit my other friend who just came back from the Philippines.  I ring her and ask if she’s not busy so I can go to visit her, so I did. 

It was nice to see her again, they have business and I'm surprised seeing the new look and arrangement of pasta shop. They also make some space for a new coffee shop.  It looks beautiful with shiny alloc laminate flooring, red motives of tables and chairs as well as the coffee cup.  I was impressed with the plans and dedication of my friend and her family to their business, they really business minded people.

We had a good chitchat and laughs talking about her holidays.  She offered me free pasta ravioli lunch with free coffee made by her husband plus a dessert. I was spoiled (hehehe) and I really appreciate the generosity and kindness to me.

I didn’t stay very long as customer kept coming as its peak hour of the business so I say thanks for the time and the treats. I hope, their business will be blessed and continue getting more sales and new customer especially the new coffee shop.

Leather Material

I've noticed recently some interior design of cars where different from the other. Especially when I'm comparing my car and my hubby's car. My hubby’s car is made of leather and mine are not but I think that might vary on the brand of car, its model and how it was made.

I like the material of leather it has very good quality, durable and you can easily clean if you spill something. Unless if it has a cut by accident it runs quickly and won’t take longer to be replaced or have a leather seat repair.  I wonder why my hubby always warn me to be careful of not making a mess while in the car (lol) especially when I’m eating food only and I’m really trying to be careful with it. As once or twice if I drink it spills accidentally which make a scatter mess to the floor mat and sit. Now I've learned when is the timing to drink when we are on traffic lights.

Now, I'm even more careful with my car as well knowing it's not leather seats and anytime if I spill chocolates and other sticky food it marks and won't take off easily.

Over Limit

Recently I’ve noticed I was spending over the budget limit, no savings even a dollar for half year now.   My finances are getting low for some unexpected expenses that suddenly arising. Aside from my uncontrollable shopping I did for myself  and the shopping before Christmas season comes. I've carried away talking the phone and didn’t track my phone usage so I was over billed on my monthly plan, silly me. It's ok as it doesn't happen every month. Lately I'm worried on my health condition feeling the unusual aches and pains on my body (hmm I can't deny I'm getting old) so I visit my doctor a couple of times and was given maintenance of medicine, everything just all come in one shot. 

I was very lucky to work on a supermarket that all my grocery and shopping needs are discounted as an employee price which help a lot to me in saving a few dollars.

Sometimes we really don’t know when things like this happen but of course there is a reason for that. I had learned a lesson  not to spend too much on things that aren't needed. I hope I will manage to spend less than my income and always save money for important matter especially on emergencies.

Risky job

I remember the day when I had a voice chat with my sister on skype. She was working on Jeddah with some co-filipino nurses in a hospital. Sometime it’s very busy and if not they were sent home. There is a time if it was her day off and there are many patients she was called in to work, lucky they just live very close to the hospital. 

Being a nurse or a doctor is one of the very risky profession especially they're looking after the health condition or life of the patient.  She mentioned there was a nurse that was mistakenly gives a wrong dosage of medicine to patient but no bad  effect happen to the patient, but something bad happen to the nurse. The patient complaint to her in regards to performance on not paying attention to her job like what had happened. I think she was being terminated, if she has any type of coverage from this place it’s not really a big deal if she loss her job because she can claim to the insurance but if not it will be hard for her to continue her profession.

That’s why on that day when the incident happen to their co-nurse, my sister was very careful and keep an eye always on the details in relation to the patient matter and her job. 

Happy Australia Day

What’s going on tomorrow? It’s Australia Day, there’s an event organize in the city every year.  I was invited by a friend who is a member of the Filipino community to join the parade together with different nationalities in celebration of Australian Day. We are obliged to wear our traditional Philippines costume for woman (kimona) and skirt. My friend provides me the top costume and I will provide the black skirt if I can.  I remember I have some skirts hidden on the upper part of the wardrobe but I can’t reach to find it so I grab a chair to reach the top. We really need to get a proper 2 step stools for easy work on high level at home. 

Anyway, it’s my first time to join in the parade, I hope it won’t be a long walk and not a very hot day tomorrow. There will be some entertainment and performance event after the parade like celebrity concert and some Australian talented performers. I’m excited to witness this very important and it’s nice to be a part of it.

It would be a fun day and hope everyone will enjoy the event. Congratulation to all newly recognized citizens of Australia.

Happy Australian Day to all.

Food shopping

Today, we went to supermarket to buy our food and household supplies. We almost end up going back home because the shopping centre car park was almost full that we can hardly find a parking for how many rounds we have tried. Hubby and I almost lost patience but lucky after a few minutes we finally get one but almost will give us trouble.  No wonder why it’s so busy, its weekend.

Anyway while inside the shop I’ll grab a catalogue special, I was happy to browse some specials I've seen. Those are most of the things I like to get which has many rewards bonus point. It’s not really a bad day at all despite the hassle in the car park, I’m lucky I was still able to avail the bonus points as it will finish two days after.  They also have raffle draw to win a Cookie Gift Baskets, I wasn't able to write my entry at the end of shopping, better lack next time for me.

After all the our shopping and trying to get everything from every aisle of the store to make sure we don't forget anything. We are off to check out and after that we stop by on a Sushi shop to get our favourite cooked tuna sushi, then head back home.

A Friend that's who I Need

This new year is a new life for everyone. My start of year was a bit sad and lonely not because of drama in life but because my good friends were all away at the moment. The other one were still on a family vacation at Sydney and the other friend just went back to the Philippines last week, her name is Joan, we became great friends and always see each other often. Lucky the three of us catch up for a lunch before Christmas and we'd exchanged Christmas Gifts. 

My routine in life will change again in the weekdays of my day off, I can’t meet up and hang out with her.  I can no longer make unannounced visit to her place any time before or after my work.  It will be unusual for  me, the six months she was her as a tourist we became very good friends. Our lives revolve with each other, like my work, with our partner and our friendship. She’s dear to me and our treatment compare to my other friends were different, we always feel at home when together and I’m glad our partner get along very well.

I will miss her, our chat on facebook and talk on the phone everyday.  She’s a friend indeed and a lovely friend to treasure.

I hope she’ll be backed her soon and her visa will get approve to settle her in Australia.