Food shopping

Today, we went to supermarket to buy our food and household supplies. We almost end up going back home because the shopping centre car park was almost full that we can hardly find a parking for how many rounds we have tried. Hubby and I almost lost patience but lucky after a few minutes we finally get one but almost will give us trouble.  No wonder why it’s so busy, its weekend.

Anyway while inside the shop I’ll grab a catalogue special, I was happy to browse some specials I've seen. Those are most of the things I like to get which has many rewards bonus point. It’s not really a bad day at all despite the hassle in the car park, I’m lucky I was still able to avail the bonus points as it will finish two days after.  They also have raffle draw to win a Cookie Gift Baskets, I wasn't able to write my entry at the end of shopping, better lack next time for me.

After all the our shopping and trying to get everything from every aisle of the store to make sure we don't forget anything. We are off to check out and after that we stop by on a Sushi shop to get our favourite cooked tuna sushi, then head back home.