A Friend that's who I Need

This new year is a new life for everyone. My start of year was a bit sad and lonely not because of drama in life but because my good friends were all away at the moment. The other one were still on a family vacation at Sydney and the other friend just went back to the Philippines last week, her name is Joan, we became great friends and always see each other often. Lucky the three of us catch up for a lunch before Christmas and we'd exchanged Christmas Gifts. 

My routine in life will change again in the weekdays of my day off, I can’t meet up and hang out with her.  I can no longer make unannounced visit to her place any time before or after my work.  It will be unusual for  me, the six months she was her as a tourist we became very good friends. Our lives revolve with each other, like my work, with our partner and our friendship. She’s dear to me and our treatment compare to my other friends were different, we always feel at home when together and I’m glad our partner get along very well.

I will miss her, our chat on facebook and talk on the phone everyday.  She’s a friend indeed and a lovely friend to treasure.

I hope she’ll be backed her soon and her visa will get approve to settle her in Australia.