Happy Australia Day

What’s going on tomorrow? It’s Australia Day, there’s an event organize in the city every year.  I was invited by a friend who is a member of the Filipino community to join the parade together with different nationalities in celebration of Australian Day. We are obliged to wear our traditional Philippines costume for woman (kimona) and skirt. My friend provides me the top costume and I will provide the black skirt if I can.  I remember I have some skirts hidden on the upper part of the wardrobe but I can’t reach to find it so I grab a chair to reach the top. We really need to get a proper 2 step stools for easy work on high level at home. 

Anyway, it’s my first time to join in the parade, I hope it won’t be a long walk and not a very hot day tomorrow. There will be some entertainment and performance event after the parade like celebrity concert and some Australian talented performers. I’m excited to witness this very important and it’s nice to be a part of it.

It would be a fun day and hope everyone will enjoy the event. Congratulation to all newly recognized citizens of Australia.

Happy Australian Day to all.