Risky job

I remember the day when I had a voice chat with my sister on skype. She was working on Jeddah with some co-filipino nurses in a hospital. Sometime it’s very busy and if not they were sent home. There is a time if it was her day off and there are many patients she was called in to work, lucky they just live very close to the hospital. 

Being a nurse or a doctor is one of the very risky profession especially they're looking after the health condition or life of the patient.  She mentioned there was a nurse that was mistakenly gives a wrong dosage of medicine to patient but no bad  effect happen to the patient, but something bad happen to the nurse. The patient complaint to her in regards to performance on not paying attention to her job like what had happened. I think she was being terminated, if she has any type of coverage from this place it’s not really a big deal if she loss her job because she can claim to the insurance but if not it will be hard for her to continue her profession.

That’s why on that day when the incident happen to their co-nurse, my sister was very careful and keep an eye always on the details in relation to the patient matter and her job.