Free Pasta and coffee

Last Friday, I’ve finished noon time at work. I was supposed going to catch up with my friend after work but it was postponed and will resume later in the afternoon. I had a sudden thought to visit my other friend who just came back from the Philippines.  I ring her and ask if she’s not busy so I can go to visit her, so I did. 

It was nice to see her again, they have business and I'm surprised seeing the new look and arrangement of pasta shop. They also make some space for a new coffee shop.  It looks beautiful with shiny alloc laminate flooring, red motives of tables and chairs as well as the coffee cup.  I was impressed with the plans and dedication of my friend and her family to their business, they really business minded people.

We had a good chitchat and laughs talking about her holidays.  She offered me free pasta ravioli lunch with free coffee made by her husband plus a dessert. I was spoiled (hehehe) and I really appreciate the generosity and kindness to me.

I didn’t stay very long as customer kept coming as its peak hour of the business so I say thanks for the time and the treats. I hope, their business will be blessed and continue getting more sales and new customer especially the new coffee shop.