Leather Material

I've noticed recently some interior design of cars where different from the other. Especially when I'm comparing my car and my hubby's car. My hubby’s car is made of leather and mine are not but I think that might vary on the brand of car, its model and how it was made.

I like the material of leather it has very good quality, durable and you can easily clean if you spill something. Unless if it has a cut by accident it runs quickly and won’t take longer to be replaced or have a leather seat repair.  I wonder why my hubby always warn me to be careful of not making a mess while in the car (lol) especially when I’m eating food only and I’m really trying to be careful with it. As once or twice if I drink it spills accidentally which make a scatter mess to the floor mat and sit. Now I've learned when is the timing to drink when we are on traffic lights.

Now, I'm even more careful with my car as well knowing it's not leather seats and anytime if I spill chocolates and other sticky food it marks and won't take off easily.