Over Limit

Recently I’ve noticed I was spending over the budget limit, no savings even a dollar for half year now.   My finances are getting low for some unexpected expenses that suddenly arising. Aside from my uncontrollable shopping I did for myself  and the shopping before Christmas season comes. I've carried away talking the phone and didn’t track my phone usage so I was over billed on my monthly plan, silly me. It's ok as it doesn't happen every month. Lately I'm worried on my health condition feeling the unusual aches and pains on my body (hmm I can't deny I'm getting old) so I visit my doctor a couple of times and was given maintenance of medicine, everything just all come in one shot. 

I was very lucky to work on a supermarket that all my grocery and shopping needs are discounted as an employee price which help a lot to me in saving a few dollars.

Sometimes we really don’t know when things like this happen but of course there is a reason for that. I had learned a lesson  not to spend too much on things that aren't needed. I hope I will manage to spend less than my income and always save money for important matter especially on emergencies.