The Entertainement

Today after hubby and I had fun christening ourselves at the newly opened shops. We give each other peace and quite time when we got home. In the afternoon, I'm going to catch up with my friends supposedly to watch a movie at the cinema but were suddenly postponed with a phone call that she can't make it because she is not feeling very well.  So to think of something to do this afternoon I just watch different soap operas and entertainment shows on filipino channel website. My hubby was having his own private time on the shed doing manly stuff and after that he play on internet too, I can guess he's browsing about gym stuff or maybe alpha t1 reviews.

I was engrossed with watching the never ending series of the drama sometimes with teary eye (lol) and not realize its evening already, that’s when  I’m feeling hungry. It’s a good timing that my hubby interrupt me and told me that we will return the video we had rented last night, so we go out and as I can't be bother to cook, we decided to buy take away dinner.

Now, I’m full and time to relax. The night is soon to be over but not to worry another day is ahead to come to thanks for all the blessings and good life. Life is just simple so I (we) must enjoy every moment we have experienced.