Understanding medical terms

I remember when I was a kid I’d like to be a nurse when I grow up but it didn’t happen after all. I must admit that I’m not very good in understanding about medical terminology and the rest of it. When I was studying I dislike the science subject I don't know why, it's hard for me to catch up the scientific terms of this and that. My favorite is mathematics, no wonder why I took Accountancy during my college and got a bachelors degree diploma when I graduate.

Since I have some health concern, I try hard to learn and understand some medical terms and health issues for myself and also for the whole human being in general. If I want to know something about the symptoms, cause and effects, prognosis or cure of a certain illness, I’ll just search it on google. Like the std testing phoenix that I randomly read, its also a good thing knowing something even if not related to my health concern.

I always go on Wikipedia if I want something to know about human body and the health issues for instance.  It’s really a good learning site for me to read and understand many things about medical and medication process.