Complimentary Movie Ticket

Last Thursday, I’m back in Adelaide from a holiday at Brisbane.  I arrived past 5pm and at 8pm I have scheduled to watch a movie “The Avengers” a complimentary ticket that our company labour union offered to all members. The tickets were like gifts for moms delivered on each members mailbox adress.

I was so tired from my trip but no choice but to watch the movie on its date scheduled, I'm going with my friend.  One cinema was only for union members’ viewers, there is no seat allocated to each person but only first come first serve. The theatre was overfull and we hardly find a vacant sit, some were just standing and the other was transferred to the other cinema room.

It’s really a good plan of the union to gather all union members and before the movie start a representative share a little bit about what’s the development and update of the union success to all members.  I’m happy to be a member and receive the benefit from their program regarding employees rights.

Coast to Coast

After Goldcoast, I'll be at Sunshine Coast tommorow, I'll finally see my bestfriend in such a long years. I had chatted to her on the phone in relation with my arrival, we suppose say bye but her son wants to talk to me as well. He told me how excited he was to see me. I can feel the love and so overwhelmed knowing the little boy is happy with my prescence and I don't need to adjust with him as she knows a lot about me from his mum story telling.

Before coming to a holiday in Brisbane, I was thinking what present to bring or give for my friend to say thank you for inviting me to spend holiday on her place. I was thinking to order a wine gift basket at but it might be too late. Instead, I got her a delicious filipino food that I guess she will really like it and I know how much she is longing to eat them.

Another adventure to explore in the next four days at Sunshine Coast tommorow. It would be a fantastic bonding and catch up with my friend and I must prepare for the never ending chat we will have. I must enjoy every bit of my holiday with them while away from work.

My Godmother

It's yesterday when I'd landed on Brisbane airport to spend my holiday for a few days. First is to meet my Godmother that I haven't seen for almost 20 years. After 2 days, I'm going to visit my bestfriend on Sunshine coast.

My Godmother and I only had talked on the phone or online once in while, we became very close and eveytime I need someone to talk with, I contact her as if she is my mother her in Australia.  She showed to me some beautiful places here in Brisbaine city, I've enjoyed the ocean scene at Queensland and NSW. She is very caring and  I was overwhelmed with her warm welcome and acceptance to be with her even just like 2 days. We had never ending chat about our lives, her deceased husband was a great musician, may he rest in peace and I was surprised when she told me she play piano like those Bigsby produced instruments. 

I had a great time with her and even introduced me to her friends. Tommorow is my last day to spend time with her and I really appreciate her kindness and hospitality to give me a 2 hour drive to drop me on Sunshine Coast to see my bestfriend. I'm so thankful for that.

Hope we will arrive safe and sound as we travel tommorow.

A Mother Image

Last Thursday I've had a lunch with my new Filipina friend which I’ve always seen and had a quick chat at my workplace while she's doing her shopping.  First time to catch up and had lunch together, she is very generous and very kind hearted person, it isn’t because she pay for my meal but because of the way she communicate to me and I can sense her values in life and how she share her blessing to her family and good friends.  She's like a mother to me on age and talk like a motherly advice to me how to live life in Australia and how to consider the changes around.

It’s good because we are same dialect so we are comfortable to talk with each other.  She was telling to me she’s planning to buy a house later as the usual complain if she keep on renting the money you pay can't be seen forever. She like a house closer to the city or later on if she is going to retire maybe grab the opportunity to buy the outer banks homes for sale somewhere in front of the beach, she wishes.  But of course she needs to deeply think about it and make the right decision what she really wants.

I feel lucky to find a good and religious friend I’ve met in my area. They inspire me by sharing their experiences and I learn how to live life the way what God wants me to be.

Dream Come True

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Wedding gowns

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House Tour

Last Saturday, I went to a house warming and baby shower party of my Filipina friend.  It’s first time to visit their house because they were newly transferred only.  I almost get lost but was still lucky find my way to get there.  I’m glad to be there and be invited, they have many guests from different friend connections.

My friend tour us around the house, it’s beautiful, well built and the interior is just fantastic, a white motive of furnitures and fixtures.  The most attraction is the swimming pool in the backyard and the pool accessories around, so inviting for a nice dip.  I’m so happy for the wonderful blessings and abundance to my friend and her partner.  I wish them more happiness, success and harmony in their lives.

Life's adventure to the other world

Everyone wants to adventure and try there luck on something or somewhere. Today is the trip of our workmate going to England. After she had finished her uni, she'd planned a trip on her birthplace, at England. She was adorable, it’s been pleasure to work with her and also the laughs we shared on our department will be always remembered. A week before she’s leaving, I had a sudden thought of asking her name tag like sort of custom pins we wear at work.  I told her I can reuse them if ever my own name tag will lost and its my remembrance from her.
I hope she will have a safe trip, achieve her career and will continue the success of her life’s adventure at England.