Coast to Coast

After Goldcoast, I'll be at Sunshine Coast tommorow, I'll finally see my bestfriend in such a long years. I had chatted to her on the phone in relation with my arrival, we suppose say bye but her son wants to talk to me as well. He told me how excited he was to see me. I can feel the love and so overwhelmed knowing the little boy is happy with my prescence and I don't need to adjust with him as she knows a lot about me from his mum story telling.

Before coming to a holiday in Brisbane, I was thinking what present to bring or give for my friend to say thank you for inviting me to spend holiday on her place. I was thinking to order a wine gift basket at but it might be too late. Instead, I got her a delicious filipino food that I guess she will really like it and I know how much she is longing to eat them.

Another adventure to explore in the next four days at Sunshine Coast tommorow. It would be a fantastic bonding and catch up with my friend and I must prepare for the never ending chat we will have. I must enjoy every bit of my holiday with them while away from work.