Complimentary Movie Ticket

Last Thursday, I’m back in Adelaide from a holiday at Brisbane.  I arrived past 5pm and at 8pm I have scheduled to watch a movie “The Avengers” a complimentary ticket that our company labour union offered to all members. The tickets were like gifts for moms delivered on each members mailbox adress.

I was so tired from my trip but no choice but to watch the movie on its date scheduled, I'm going with my friend.  One cinema was only for union members’ viewers, there is no seat allocated to each person but only first come first serve. The theatre was overfull and we hardly find a vacant sit, some were just standing and the other was transferred to the other cinema room.

It’s really a good plan of the union to gather all union members and before the movie start a representative share a little bit about what’s the development and update of the union success to all members.  I’m happy to be a member and receive the benefit from their program regarding employees rights.