A Mother Image

Last Thursday I've had a lunch with my new Filipina friend which I’ve always seen and had a quick chat at my workplace while she's doing her shopping.  First time to catch up and had lunch together, she is very generous and very kind hearted person, it isn’t because she pay for my meal but because of the way she communicate to me and I can sense her values in life and how she share her blessing to her family and good friends.  She's like a mother to me on age and talk like a motherly advice to me how to live life in Australia and how to consider the changes around.

It’s good because we are same dialect so we are comfortable to talk with each other.  She was telling to me she’s planning to buy a house later as the usual complain if she keep on renting the money you pay can't be seen forever. She like a house closer to the city or later on if she is going to retire maybe grab the opportunity to buy the outer banks homes for sale somewhere in front of the beach, she wishes.  But of course she needs to deeply think about it and make the right decision what she really wants.

I feel lucky to find a good and religious friend I’ve met in my area. They inspire me by sharing their experiences and I learn how to live life the way what God wants me to be.